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U.S. Government Collapse Inches Closer

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  1. Randall says:

    I’m paralyzed on one side from brain damage, what do you think is going to happen to my disability? It’s not like I have impressive qualities to offer an employer.

  2. donald jones says:

    You sized it

  3. Anton Boehm says:

    The light at the end of the tunnel is the train coming at us.

    Unfortunately there is the same light at the other end of the tunnel and just one track.

  4. rusty shackleford says:

    And the low information voter keeps having more kids.
    We are doomed.

  5. Bill Hoisington says:

    At 72 I am sorry my kids and Grandkids won’t have the life style I have enjoyed

    Obama and those who follow after him are in for a bid surprise.

    Our problems started 70 years ago and now there isn’t much that can be done to solve the problems. God is still in charge and he will continue to supply all our needs. Do you know him?

    • dodol says:

      yeah. i knew em. US is about to go to the right way. just like some centuries ago. Alternative economic system is -perhaps- the answer. Instead of fulfilling our all wants, we need to make a rational priority.

  6. r d b says:

    you said taxes can not come up with the shortfall for social security, why should it. after all we paid money in every payday so we would have it for retirement. what did our government do with our money?
    it seems to me that we’re in this predicament because of our government, so start with taking away their more than fair share for retirement. make them retire like the rest of us.
    we elected them, so why don’t we have any say in what they get.

  7. Rick Mondale says:

    All is not lost. Change the input and you get a new outcome. I know where there is a batholith that contains enough energy to power all of North America for fifteen hundred years. Add that super green geothermal electric and we will be able to sell all of that natural gas. I also know what is wrong in DC. Article One: Sec 7 means that Congress is not allowed to spend, and the President is not allowed to scheme. All Fix.

  8. Maybe that is why Barack Obama is doing what he is doing and with no worry of retribution. If the Government defaults and there is a panic, he declares Emergency Rule and walla! Game Over Match and Set!

    • Rebecca says:

      The word is “voila” not walla. Otherwise, I agree that is why Obama and corporate execs are playing like there is no tomorrow… and the big boys are all buying retreats in the mountains for the bad days coming. I worked in a support position for the big boys and they are all counting on the collapse… and my son also works with them. He says that every single one of them has a bug out castle in the mountains. Plant a garden.

  9. If we don’t lower drasticly tax rates on corporations and stop using credit cards and buy only what we can afford and stop having children (you can’t afford’ when you can’t even support yourself). Cut welfare payments entirely(the useless can die) With out doing these things this country is shurly doomed!

    • Rebecca says:

      “shurly” doomed indicates your poor education level. I guess you are okay with dooming yourself also?

  10. Your National Collapse article is just brilliant. If the American people had staffed Congress and The White House with people like you, and Dr. Ben Carson, and former Comptroller General David Walker, we would not be in this fatal mess right now. There is NO human solution. This disaster will run its course.

  11. Jack Kinch says:

    Must get politics out of government. Vote buying has been a monumental waste of taxes and misuse of laws.
    Examples of big waste: Letting dummies have millions of children to support themselves to make more demos.
    Supporting millions of unwanted aliens on welfare instead of protecting our borders as sworn to do.
    Limit time in government to eight years. No special benefits. Social Security for retirement. Would tend to eliminate politics and save much wealth of taxes spent back home to buy votes.

    • Rebecca says:

      I love how you left off the biggest welfare recipients of all time: the corporate maw. The military-industrial complex eats the majority of our budget and fools continue to add war after war after war.

  12. The US will collapse because politicians are acting simply to stay in office. The welfare state continues to get bigger as a result of this selfish attitude. When will Americans step up and start saying NO before it’s too late? Once elected, even Tea Party politicians become drunk with power, with the glamorous lifestyle. We see over and over again, Tea Party candidates, like Rubio, getting “high” on their new-found prestige, and they don’t want to give it up, so they pander. It’s disgusting how easily people lose their principles to the “good life.”

    • Citygray says:

      Who will the food INDUSTRY sell its poisoned and tainted food supply to ? This toxic sludge is subsidized from the farm INDUSTRY to the mouths of the sheeple. This in turn feeds the healthcare INDUSTRY which feeds the pharmaceutical INDUSTRY. If by then you are not dead from the food and water which means you survived the attempts at killing you BEFORE you reach retirement. Essentially you become a cost which the only solution seems to be to collect more taxes from more dumb sheeple paying into the system and who will have to be more efficiently murdered so usher in GMO foods. The saga continues……………………………….

      • Citygray says:

        That comment is concerning the welfare state and why it gets bigger. We really need more immigrants to come in and create an even bigger base of needy people. Bottom line is greed. We really don’t need all of the extra citizens. Cut welfare and put the CITIZENS to work. Faced with starvation and no welfare they WILL find a job. The solution is not to bring in more poor people to increase the base of needy people. The U.S. is becoming a Macro version of the failed state of California.

  13. ELI says:

    Obama is the spawn of Satan.

    Obama will die in the flames!

  14. Arlene says:

    Rick you got it! Who’d a thunk?

  15. ESQ says:

    I’m thinking. I bet that new Data Collection Center is fully powered by Green Energy!

  16. Ruth J. Christensen says:

    I was born in the Great Depression. Now I realize I will probably die in a greater one! I don’t understand all the greed and dishonesty of so many people in office! Our God-given freedom is being destroyed once again like it was in the day of the Great Flood – but it has all been prophesied!

  17. AUTIE BELL says:

    true this country is doomed for a lot of reasons from the invasion of people from other countries to the gross dishonesty of those people we elect to our government. greed my friends will bring the good old u.s.a down to its knees in just a matter of a short time. and who is going to suffer the most is the poor working man that gave his blood and sweat to make the fat rats prosper believing their lies and deceptions. its too bad but people are a lot like sheep they follow the one who rings the bell the loudest and we all know the bell ringers.

  18. James Michael says:


    Thank-you for sharing your intestinal fortitude with America–especially me!
    I DO appreciate your forthrightness and
    strength to TELL THE TRUTH.


  19. Robin WATSON says:

    We are at the end of the Last Days and the Bible PROPHESIES every bit of this. It predicts a One World Government run by a dictator called the antichrist. He will be indwelled by satan and will control the your Bibles. Everything else has come true that it says would. Its to late for this country because we have pushed God out of our lives and schools and everywhere else we can and he has given us what we wanted and taken His protection and blessings off of our country. BE ready .He is coming soon to take the TRUE CHURCH our of here before the really bad judgements come…

  20. Mark Mcallister says:

    Hey robin ! whats up

  21. Mark Mcallister says:

    I’ve read your post, i’m angry as heck about aaaaallllll this super cool stuff goin on with the U.S. government. What i especially liked was that you posted the truth.

  22. Mark Mcallister says:

    I want to bring something to youre attention. Obama care. this is important to anybody reading my post to Robin watson. Obama care . U.S. healthcare bill; C-11 sec 2521 Requires every U.S. citizen to to accept a mark (tattoo) on the right hand or forehead in the size of a pencil tip under infrared light by 2016, the next 3 years, to be implemented to monitor the healthcare law that has been rammed down our throats, i can go on and on about how corrupt this administration is. but it is the sign of the times as Robin Watson had mentioned. christ is coming people. put god first, repent of your sins and hang on tight, it’s here big time

    • Michael says:

      No it doesn’t…..and Christianity is not true so nobody is coming back.

      • Hein Pienaar says:

        Michael are you sure you want to take that direction? No one knows the day or the hour of Christs return, but he is coming back soon.

        The signs are pretty clear.

      • Dr. Trudy says:

        You’ll find out the TRUTH soon enough, Michael, but by then it may be too late for you. Turn your life around and seek God now, through Christ and you will know what is coming!

        • Wei Xiao says:

          By god, you mean “Yahweh”.

          I believe in god, not Yahweh. Believe me, you’ll be disappointed and shocked at how the actual god of our universe is greater than your tribal depiction of Yahweh.

          Repent and come back to reality. Amen.

    • Rebecca says:

      There is no mark of Satan required by Obamacare. Please stop that nonsense. We really are facing economic collapse; however, as a purported Christian you might consider that cooperation with your family, friends, and neighbors will help more than anything else. Start a garden. Start a small home business (alternative economy). Do something positive at home.

  23. Did you know real gas made from oil has only 10-15% in a gallon of it. this is why car engines cant get mps. no gas.i know as a family member worked for 30yrs at sun oil co. ?? they say that there is two ways to work $$ maxro enomices micro economics.sell little for a lot or a lot for a little. get it. ask for forgiveness from the lord or fire will follow.

  24. Cully James says:

    Stupid and/or unqualified leadership. Greed, selfishness, power control of all of us that sustains an “I don’t care” about my country response to serious problems, will be the simple causes of the colapse of America. We don’t care about anything but ourselves. Politicians only care about power and re-election but none of us are making a fifty or one hundred year plan for this country except those who see America as a global social resource and not a self governing country. Those people do have a plan for this country and it’s citizens. If we knew the plan we would not like it but we would probably would go along with it because it was politically correct.

  25. SCA says:

    Your country faced this disaster before by the hands of international bankers. Your previous solution was to declare war to those who had no problems with you or your life style. Since Bush administration you are trying to do the same cause war is profitable. But its not working as fast as you wish for. That is your real problem.

  26. The United States are going to do one of two things. Default on their creditors or default on their citizens, Either way same result the COLLAPSE OF THE UNITED STATES. When Granny get’s 10% of her social security cut & 15% of her catheters, when billygets his insulin cut off & Little Mary stops receiving her Ritalin, When the federal government reaches into your IRA & your Pensions & takes 20% the civil unrest will begin in 50 states. In SHORTl WHEN THE SUBSIDIES STOP THE BULLETS BEGIN..

  27. Heath Cox says:

    Im 14 years old and do believe the US will fall. One way to look at it is to look back on the days of WWII in Germany( the times of Hitler). I know it sounds bad but we are going down the same road as Germany did when Hitler rose up. During this time people were poor and most jobless just like most in the US modern day. He saw the opportunity and began his work first taking away firearms from the average person just like what they are trying to do with most guns present day. But most importantly among countless reasons was the personal army he made which led to the downfall and beginning of the war—–which is just like Homeland security in America. They are becoming their own army and I fear the downfall is next. Homeland security has gained more and more over time, like tanks and now they put in the request of a stock pile of ammo which if counted is five bullets per person in the whole US. I believe that the government is going to “blow up” eternally which is going to leave our country weak as ever and our enemies are going to take advantage of the rare opportunity and attack which will eventually lead into WWIII and i think the fight is going to come and stay to our native land. Society will soon fall after years of war and we will be forced to trust no one and do whatever it takes to survive. The ruins of the government will forget about us and leave us for dead…all higher forms of justice (police,military, homeland security..) with their higher training in combat will believe they are gods among the normal man and resort into a militia and take matters into their own hands leading to deaths of innocent lives. Neighbors, friends, and even family will turn on their fellow man to ensure another day of life. People will have to live off the land and do what they can to survive. Society will be no more. Nothing lasts forever so why would the US be and exception. My advice is to learn what you can in survival, tactics, and whatever else will put you ahead, and remember trust no one because the downfall is just around the corner. thank you for reading and feel free to email me about the subject…im always up for discussion because i have a whole lot more to explain on the subject and ill be willing to answer any questions. Email me at

    • Dr. Trudy says:

      Your looking in the right direction Heath Cox and it will be far worse than WW2 (I went through this). Through all the 5 years of horror we learned to call upon God, the Father.
      This is what the nations are lacking in general.

      They have abandoned the God of the Bible, and are abiding by their own godless and immoral laws and life styles. As long as the nations do not turn to the God of Abraham, God will not interfere in their situation and He will not be able to send help, since they refused to abide in Him.

      The following will tell it all :

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