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A Dollar Collapse is Coming

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  1. Richard Mondale says:

    I was asked by my Congressman, “What would you have me do, Rick?”
    Well, I would have him or most anyone else, write up a brief and present it to the Supreme Court.
    The allegation is: the Founding Fathers divided the powers needed to run the government one way, and we have them divided some other way. And, it makes a difference.
    The Founder’s way is recorded in the Constitution of the United States. (Article One; Sec 7)
    The first paragraph of Sec 7 talks about writing Bills to raise revenue. Every business does this. Account Receivables are collected by writing Bills and sending them out to clients for services rendered. So, paragraph one of Sec 7 means that Congress Bills for Services.
    That is their first power. They get two because the Founding Fathers were of the opinion that any enterprise needs four powers if it is going to survive and thrive. Those four are: the power to hire talented people, who have the tools to do the work, the power to buy the materials that those people will need to work with, the power to raise revenue to pay for the above, and to be a success you need to have a plan.
    This is the list that is needed by any enterprise. That enterprise can be a business, a government, or a tyrant trying to enslave us all. So the question is, “How can our government have these powers and hold them in such a way that no tyrant can seize them and take over?” Well, the answer they came up with is “Let’s have two branches of government, and split the powers so two are in each.” They then disallowed any Congressman from holding any other office in government. (Article One; Sec 6 paragraph 2)
    So, the members of the Legislative Branch are completely separated off from the rest of the Government, and they have the powers listed in Sec 7. The first one of these is Raise Revenue. The second Power of the Congress is all the way down at the bottom. The third paragraph of Sec 7 says, “Every Order, Resolution, or Vote…” is supposed to be sent over to the President to see if he has any major complaints with it, same as Bills. Bills raise revenue, so what does this list do? To vote is to decide. To resolve is to remember. To order is to command. So that is the thought process.
    In other words, Congress is the thinking body and they raise revenue. All executive power resides in a president. So, Congress is charged with driving this buggy, and the President is the buggy. You tell him what the Government is going to do, and he does it. He is supposed to be a good and faithful servant.
    To compensate the President for accepting this subservient position he gets the fun task. He gets to spend the money. He is only there for four years so how much damage can he do to us. It will be like winning the lottery. He can take care of his friends, but he will be more popular if he stays on budget.
    I believe that this is the structure that the Founding Fathers designed for us, and that we are in trouble because Congress is directing Spending and the President is Commanding and Controlling.
    I call upon the recipient of this letter to fix this mess. The Court doesn’t want to hear from amateurs like me.
    Sincerely, Richard Mondale

    • Dinah Vernick says:

      After reading your reaction to the article from Floyd Brown, I wanted to respond. “I believe that this is the structure that the Founding Fathers designed for us, and that we are in trouble because Congress is directing Spending and the President is Commanding and Controlling.
      I call upon the recipient of this letter to fix this mess. The Court doesn’t want to hear from amateurs like me.
      Sincerely, Richard Mondale.”

      Mr. Mondale, I am a complete “amateur” and have no idea how to “fix the mess,” but you figured out how we got here and proved the the point of where we are now. I believe in praying for all our leaders, but if there is something I can do to physically make a difference, please let me know ie: signing petitions, rally meetings, etc.
      Thank you for your intelligent thought and bravely posting it. May God Bless you!
      Dinah V.

      • Warren Hopkins says:

        The problem is the legal system has become all important. Judges and attorneys talk about laws as if they are sacred. THEY AREN’T! A stupid law is a stupid law. Arguing a law is stupid isn’t usually accepted in courts as a defense. Just one good example: PROHIBITION. You believe in a woman having an abortion, go for it, the government doesn’t need to pay for it. The people who support it can pay. I am willing to bet the abortion rights people are paying more money to make it legal than all the abortion being performed. Gambling was a big issue. Now the Indians have taken it over. There are people who don’t like gambling. There are people who don’t care. There are people who will lose everything doing it. That is sad, but government should only regular things to make sure they are honest.
        Government only job is to protect us from others, sometimes ourselves. Not to be all things to all people.

  2. Ken Schwendemann says:

    The U.S. dollar, the euro, Japanese yen and the British pound needs a Bank Holiday and a time to announce bankruptcy. Then the IMF will start the new world credit to each country. Then each country issues the new world credit to each state or province and each state or province issues to each company or corporation. The last new world credit will be issued it citizens after they are means testing. Each citizen’s new world credit will be issued to his or her thumb and eye print. And anybody who choose to use the old currency may do so, but eventually they should be means tested.

  3. w. basham says:

    I encourage all to tune in “The Blaze,either online or on Dish 212, for G.Beck’s televised radio show… Listening to truth is such a new experience, from any journalist, not in O’liar’s hip pocket? L.A. riots are in the making, when there are no supplies, ie. food, gas, meds .nothing, not if, but when!

  4. Ken, we are in the soup because we trusted politicians with control of the money system. We need to unlearn this mistake. We don’t need more control by politicians and bankers. We simply need to let the market determine the best form of money, likely gold and silver coin, and this will perform its duty as a “check” on the criminality of politicians.

    • Warren Hopkins says:

      Gold and silver along with other precious metals have a value. So does food and water. The ability to defend your family, maybe your neighborhood, has a value. That can only be done if you are strong. The strong will survive and the weak will perish. A sad story, but tell me one society that survived on it’s virtue. I believe in charity. People receiving shouldn’t be able to dictate their benefits. History repeats itself. We just have never got to this level of political self interest before. Now any one can vote. Where is their vote going to go. THE GUY WHO PROMISES THEM THE MOST.

  5. bill miller says:

    the dollar collapse has happened , its all ready here , a buck , is not worth much any more , dog gone are worthless leaders.

  6. earl says:

    You can’t convince the people that failure is coming because it would inter fear with their sports and TV programs. Our President is lying about everything being someone Else’s fault and he is not a leader but a world traveler giving away our money and freedoms. Its time for a cleaning of offices and putting controls back into effect along with getting out of the UN and closing the building. The UN World Treaty will destroy our freedoms and our laws. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  7. Anonymole says:

    If all the world’s currencies are fiat, then yes, eventually they all collectively will inflate into the ether. But before (or if) that happens, the currencies will remain relative to each other. And while they shuffle back and forth in leadership the underlying reserve banks will be reversing the QE that they’ve pushed to inflate their respective economies.

    See the USDollar pop against the EUR,GBP,AUD,etc. even though the Fed has promised more QE, but hinted at tapering. When The EU starts to taper, the EUR will pop. And when the UK tapers, the GBP will pop. And round and round we go. Recently the AUD has fallen in comparison. But when the Australian economy has strengthened it too will pop. This will take years, maybe a decade. In the mean time the exact opposite of a dollar collapse is occurring. Your timing is off in your announcement. Sure the dollar collapse is coming – but when?

  8. Bjorne Inacheÿe says:

    Is it really fair to call a user car dealer a “trader of equities?”

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