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The Obamacare System is Collapsing

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  1. Rebecca W. says:

    Well done article! I have a rare illness with severe chronic pain. Obamacare caused my premiums to triple, caused my savings for family deductible plan to disappear, and because of all pharma taxes caused my already expensive meds to become 40 percent more costly. That resulted in insurance not wanting to cover many specialized meds. The rationing is starting in full force. Only G-d can help us if this is not destroyed in its entirety! We need more Ted Cruz types in government who have the guts and gumption to do what has to be done and “kill the beast!”

    • Diana S. says:

      A_ MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Wild Bill says:

        I am an engineer by profession and retired. I once worked with a senior research fellow that told me if you wanted to get a project through the system, write every single detail with lots of references back and forth through out the proposal. The more you write the less people are inclined to read it, but will take it on its face value. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well it works and if you include lots of statistics it will be a shoo-in! On the other hand when a proposal comes across your desk that is extremely long, that should be a signal to be prepared for some long days and night reading crap!

      • June A. Amell says:

        I am amazed that we don’t have enough leaders that have the courage to stop this Madness. The Supreme Court Wimped out on the American People. I guess they thought they would not be around to see the train wreak. Oh,,,,to have leaders like we did in the early days when we had Men with Balls to stand up to the British.

        • CCB says:

          absolutely. They all are bunch of wimps. They had to drag Boehner kicking and screaming to stand up to Obama and that travesty of a health care law.

  2. Morris Short says:

    This has been a Disaster from day one. It needs to be killed, and start over, problem is where will you find enough Intelligent people, to fix the STUPID BIL

    • June A. Amell says:

      There is just one word that will define it all
      We seem to be out of that lately. Only a few of our leaders have this very important stuff.

  3. the best way to get rid of muslum care is to imprison the illeagel alien obama better known africa is barry soto then it will help the whoule country better hang the imposter for treason

  4. Jack Durish says:

    Well, we wanted a health care system the equal of Canada, Great Britain, and France. Looks like we’re getting it and it’s going bankrupt just like theirs.

  5. barry says:

    As of 6/15/13 PCIP Obamacare PCIP has already imploded. PCIP enrollees are required to find a provider that will accept sub-par payment schedule. In letter I received today PCIP says
    I foresee a giant disaster!

  6. James Kovarik says:

    Amendment #17 is illegal [it erases nothing]
    # 16 needs to be replaced by the Fair TAX.

    STOP the petty crap and delve diorectly into re-starting the Government.

    We are printing money, it has been admitted! Why — do we need top pay intrests on printed money. More — Why do we even hjave to pay it back and to whom ? The economy will wash it out. in a year or two.

    Fire all those the will not adhear to the Oath they take — that is treasonous!

  7. Motov says:

    If this program is so great, how come no politician wants it for their own medical care? This alone tells me everything about Obozoscare, It is a system with SEVERE flaws and there is only one way to fix it,.. get rid of the whole thing.

  8. cathy says:

    Get rid of the monster. There is nothing good about it.

  9. John says:

    I hope this article is on the money. How much tax payer money will have been wasted before we get this Ill begotten albatross off our backs? Then actually fix healthcare with something that works?

  10. msbets says:

    ovomitcare will collapse just like the nitwit in oval office

  11. docknowsbest says:

    Really, If brevity is the soul of wit what does it tell you about a 2700 page bill with 15,000 pages of regulations?
    I’d like to see a surgeon tell Pelosi to just “sign the consent and she’ll find out after the surgery” what it is for.

  12. terri mikula says:

    Avoid Obamacare! We have health insurances still soar rate next Jan 1st 2014 it will gain & if exchange health insurances instead ObamaCare will ruin high tax..If Obama refuse to do repeal. Arrest him out his office very soon. Stop soar & liar if our doctors unfixable! Uninsurances of America have to buy it, they will ruin & angry our bankrupty for expensive insurances car, more proirty! Obama is no good job president..

  13. Chucky_Dee says:

    I will know they recognize it as FAILED when Obama renames it as “National RomneyCare” and pronounces it a REPUBLICAN failure!

    The good news? – sounds like that is coming…

    The bad news? – everyone in this country gets screwed by this amateur’s actions…

  14. Marie Oshetski says:

    Well all the people who were stupid enuf to vote for for obma,HOWS IT WORKING FOR YOU!

  15. Libertarian says:

    Regardless if it fails or not premiums are still up 200-400%. When this fails our premiums will not change at all. Still going to be paying outrageous sums.

  16. Suede says:

    My Dr is quitting and I was told so. are the rest of my towns drs

  17. Mary Triola says:

    Does all of this not tell you (not the brain dead) that there are far too many government agencies which we are funding. Time to tell them all we are sick and tired of all of you. SHRINK government we are being destroyed by all of them. Hey Boehner quit funding these worthless agencies. There is far too much government in our lives. GET GOT IT GOOD.

  18. niki says:

    We were doing just fine before the government found a way to get the money from medicare. They just need to pay back the money they have wasted and given away to other countries and ruined our retirements while they maintain the best healthcare and pensions there are. Obamacare, run by the government will fail just like every other thing they take over. Of course at the taxpayers expense

  19. Michael says:

    Very well written & informative article!

  20. Franco Cirino says:

    I hope it does fail so he can say once again it is not my fault. It is Bushes’ fault. But do not worry my family and I will still along with the IRS spend another $100million on a vacation. Idiot!

  21. mark falcone says:

    This bill was doomed from the start, and rightly so. Why didn’t it iclude all of Congress to get on it if it was so good. You don’t see ANY politician saying that is it so great they are signing up for it. So my fellow Americans, DEMAND that your fellow senators and congressmen get on the health plan, and SHOW US how good it is, then we will see how fast it gets tossed out the window. I , for one am tired of paying for some hack in washington’s free medical care, anyone else tired of it????

  22. Mike Tesar says:

    America has a problem. Democrats are so convinced everything they want is the right way to solve a problem, they don’t care whose money they confiscate and spend to solve all the problems at a pace that is unsustainable. Republicans and moderates can’t comprehend how democrats could be so ignorant of the economic facts , that they don’t take the time to educate the populace as to why Dems are wrong and others are right. Obama is so drastically wrong on the XL pipeline, refusing to let us sell oil and gas, and coaL, to Europe, to pay down our 16 trillion debt, that sane congressmen are missing the best bet we’ve ever had to bring Obama down. We should switch power generators to methane gas. We can let Obama care die its own death because it is impossible to implement. When he forces people to pay for health care, they can’t afford, those people will demand Obama change it. DO NOT HELP OBAMA BY PUTTING BAND AIDS ON THE WORST PARTS OF THE BILL. MAKE HIM FIX IT, BECAUSE HE CAN’T HELP BUT TO FAIL. WHEN REPUBLICANS AND MODERATES FIX THE BILL, WE BECOME PART OF THE PROBLEM AND WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BLAMED BY THE LEFTISTS.

  23. RalphPierre says:

    There is a doctor in Texas who takes NO INSURANCE! He signs people up for $25 a month, and something like a $10 co-pay, for any medical problem you might have, up to and including surgery. His business is BOOMING!
    Why can’t we do this NATION-WIDE?

    • Tammy Ann Ceballos says:

      I just paid $533. 00 for insurance and told me that I had no copay to see the Dr and the generic pills were going to be $15.00 & $24.00 for name brand. What a crock of sh**. They lie, lie, & lie. I went to get to prescriptions and & they cost me $204.00 on top of the $533.00 that I just paid for insurance. When I called & said that the copays on the prescriptions weren’t were they told me they said it is those copay amts but it depends on the higher the prescriptions are then they will only pay 50% of amt of the . prescriptions. Wth…that does NOT make since plus they did NOT tell me that when I got the insurance with them. They told me I would pay $15.00 for generic & $24.00 for name brand. Insurances are scamers. They are flat out lieing to you so that they can get a commission. What can I do? Would a lawyer be good to get at this point???? Tam

  24. Parker Orfield says:

    Obamacare is just another way for government to control your life, CALL, WRITE, EMAIL your so called LEADERS in Washington and tell them NO MORE CONTROL OR WASTE of our money, Close the I.R.S.

  25. J. Green says:

    I have had to have 2 different neck surgeries in 6 months. First we have no insurance so cant even find a pain management doctor because we were told they don’t like taking cash patients. Then because we have to pay cash we get snide remarks like “must be nice for you”. I am already getting pain down arm again like before the two surgeries. The last surgery which was my second fusion in my neck was so grossly over charged. first fusion surgery 4 yrs ago when we had insurance. Then went all the way to AZ. to laser spine Inst. with no insurance was charged over 23000.00 and knew the same week that it did not work. so came back here to WA. state and got the doctor that did my surgery 4 yrs ago. His cost was almost 9000.00 and the hospital charged us so far 50000.00 for the overnight stay. And now I find that the same down the arm pain is back. this was alittle over 2 wks ago. At this rate our life savings will be gone before they even find the right disc that has caused me to be bed rested mostly since last August. I have also become a criminal because I have to try anywhere and everywhere to find any pain relief. This is no life and really having a hard time being such a burden on my family and our retirement. But do you think you can find a doctor who cares anymore. Their are death panals people, and they are already their. In 10 months we have spent over 100,000.00 in my opinion for 2 failed surgeries but they dont care. Its not like I will ever get any of our hard earned money back and at this rate we will be on welfare in the near future. Sorry not meanning to sound like winer but just letting you all know how bad it has gotten and pray that no one else has to go through what my family and I have had to go through.

  26. Jessica C says:

    Several people have mistakenly called Obamacare socialist. No, there is nothing socialist about it and it is in no way related to the amazing national healthcare system in France. Let’s get this straight, the French government instituted a socialized health system for its workers. Obamacare was created to enrich both the insurance companies and big pharma. This is capitalism!!! Capitalism defined as a system concerned with capital, I.e. profits. Socialism means a system concerned with society. Under the Soviet Union, there was no big pharma & no health insurance companies to choose from-all services were free, including dentistry. All you had to pay for was the gold at cost for the fillings. We need national healthcare in this country, but healthcare created for the workers, not big pharma, not insurance companies. A system that pays for all healthcare that we choose to have, not hospitals, not big pharma, but of choice, where we can see a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a homeopath. However, the only way to have it is to have the vision to see others have had such a system & we can, too, if we demand to have it as a population.

  27. Robert says:

    obamacare was a dorkup from the beginning and they knew it since they wrote it. they’ve been having a free-for-all in d.c. and it’s high time the whole federal government gets shut down. we can let the states govern their areas until a more perfect union is formed. sometimes when the cancer is so bad the only thing left is to hack it out and the federal government is a cancer currently out of control as the autopsy will show…

  28. Carol says:

    The problem with our society is, “gimme”. This day many folks choose NOT to get married because they get more benefits from not doing so. This Obamacare, who in their right mind would choose to pay a insurance versus the penalty? I grew up with having responsibilities, paying for insurance is like food, it is money you have to sucks, but, if you own anything (meaning property) you are a dumb dumb not to have it. I see hundreds of folks with new cell phones, manicured nails, new vehicles, tats and all complain they “can’t afford medical insurance”? I can’t either, but, you must if you own anything. That is our society’s problem. RESPONSIBILITY. If you breed the, you need to feed and care for them, just like real people do. However with the BS system we have, we reward people for not having responsibility. Sickening!

    • carl dubose says:

      obama said we need to spread the wealth around but that only pertains to the poor old working man trying to make an honest living they are taxed to death in order to pay those that are too lazy to work they have food stamps free housing and utilities plus a good size check every month so they can afford to ride around in high dollar cars and wear high priced clothes and the benefits goes on

    • mike says:

      I agree with you in part however I dont have any toys like you say I drive a 40 year old car. I have an old analog TV and a VCR. I have no children because it would kill me to raise children in the environment I currently live in. If I cant be the bread winner in there lives,I wouldn’t exactly feel like a man anyway. so I don’t date since I dont see the point. I see the same things you do and it really angers me sometimes. I work hard for the little pittance I get just to see some freeloader with there new car, an Obamaphone, and there EBT card complaining about how hard THERE life is

  29. Susan says:

    Because of Obama (does’nt) care I have had to live off my credit card for food and gas. I work full time but my insurance is eating my wages. I figure I will never pay it off and will die with a big balance. I would love for Obama to step into my shoes for one month and live on what I bring home now. 3 more years of thus guy, OMG!!

  30. Scott Moore says:

    What about those people who are already on SSI, will they be punished?

  31. mike says:

    I disagree on the repeal of Obamacare. I believe we can repeal it in its entirety and while hes still in office. The way things have been shaping up, all the scandals that seem to follow this administration should give the GOP quite boost right about 2014, when we hit the mid terms. Everyone needs to work on seeing this happen. We can take the Senate, hold the House, repeal that mess called Obamacare and shove it down his throat the same way he did to us and happily boot him out on his behind in 2016

  32. citchus says:

    The whole point of this is to bring down our way of living into another way fit for the future. The new immigration bill is apart of this nonsense. how are the 30 million illegals get to be apart of the Obummastare, welfare?

  33. Clarence Gilpin says:

    It is about time !!!!!!!
    It was a conspiracy from the very start, and has cost the American tax payer billions of dollars that was secretly diverted to upgrade the average black population of America; with upgraded housing, lasting higher paying jobs, and quality automobiles, higher education, Etc.

  34. James Hoskins says:

    If our representatives agree with Obamacare then vote them out!

  35. Joe lettieri says:

    Get rid of all the idiots who voted for the idiots who came up with this crap.
    Obamanation is a traitor ,a muslim ,and an enemy of this country! Only in America do you find so many ignorant people that embrace without thinking a party that is as unamerican as the Nazis of the second world war.WHAT DOES IT TAKE?

  36. Ct says:

    This will cause more to end up without health care than there was before, cos costs probably won’t go back down. The America hating Muslim probably did this on purpose. He is trying to bankrupt this country every way he can. Why is the house and senate just sitting there and letting him destroy America?

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