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Why Do They Spy on Us and Not The Terrorists?

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  1. Charles Lucas says:

    Since day one after the bold attack on the Towers and the Pentagon President Bush promised America that this would not change the way we live. You don’t have to be a genius to see what Homeland Security and The Patriot Act have done to our Constitutional rights. The Government has taken away our freedoms to give us security? They are so reactive as to be worthless as an agency to stop terrorist attacks. They have to way more proactive if they plan to save American lives. Congress can’t even secure our borders. Is that because no terrorists can come in with the rest of the illegals?

    • david miller says:

      Right on there, but yet he is a jihadist

    • snufffy smith says:

      We are dealing with the most lawless government in the history of the United States. Our “fearless” leaders no longer follow the Amendment process and do not even see a necessity for public discourse prior to trampling the Bill of rights! the govt is way out of control we were warned if govt got too big then the people would suffer, we were warned about Obama and how elections make a difference for everyone and their freedom now we are very close to losing it all. the state’s need to get together on a constitutional convention and get something done asap.

  2. big stu says:

    The Fed Govt. and Oboohoo are more terrifying than the terrorists and more dangerous than the rag-heads as well. Be prepared for more and worse.

  3. 4b4mac says:

    This post ‘Why They Spy on us and Not the Terrorists says NOTHING about WHY we are spied upon. I rather suspect you know full well why we are being spied upon and it has NOTHING to do with terrorism. Write again to give us the REAL reason – or do you fear for yourself?

    • snufffy smith says:

      we are spied on in the name of control pure and simple and why are you afraid? that is what ”they” want, they gain strength when they can make someone afraid. Put the fact based truth out there and put it out there often. this is what they fear the most, the truth and the truth about their oppression and crimes against the American people. When the light of truth is turned on them they flee like cockroaches. A lot of what they do is wrong and it is usually something punitive and negative against the people. so yes truth is your weapon they have no defense against it.

  4. Abby says:

    “up to now, Obama and his team aren’t worthy of unlimited access to our most personal and intimate information.”

    obama nor anyone else will ever be worthy of that kind of information about anyone, least of all a LEGAL CITIZEN of this country.

  5. Americangram says:

    Because we are the terrorists to him.

  6. Lynn says:

    We can vote him OUT OF OFFICE- that’s why. And, he knows we have his number, by now.

    • Korvet says:

      Lynn, Easily said dear, but how can we be absolutely certain, the President has not secretly signed another Executive Order, which proudly proclaims that any currently service President cannot be impeached for any reason whatsoever and if attempted by either the house or Senate, his title is instantly changed to read “President for Life!” The word “scoundrel” should never be applied to his name, but “Thief of the Nation” sounds both timely and appropriate! Note the American voting public seems to issue their usual quote on their domestic and national politics, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

  7. Ruth J. Christensen says:

    It’s becoming frightening to be a United
    States citizen! Not much is trustworthy any more – especially O’Bummer and his clan! I still cannot believe that he was re-elected honestly – there had to be a lot of secret additional votes or something! Hopefully he won’t be able to extend a presidential term of office!

  8. JONDO says:

    This administration is our enemy and our military should be here fighting our enemies instead of Afghanistan, There the ones trying to destroy our country, Our own government He is not a legal President and they keep letting let him get away with it, Congress and the Senate are nothing but a formality. And should be fired.

  9. judy davis says:


  10. concerned says:

    I agree fully with the first comment–by Charles Lucas. And the reason for all this is that this whole country is being run by the corporations, and for the corporations, for their benefit,with their donations for elections and votes. We are losing this country at breakneck speed–soon the dollar will be gone and a world currency, or the Amero will take its place. The Federal Reserve controls our money supply, for the benefit of the few at the top and the big banks, and not for us. We’re headed to the NAU (North American Union) no borders between us and Mexico and us and Canada. This amnesty will be the final blow to our soverignty–good bye USA. Benjamin Franklin said: we’ve given you a country with a constitution, if you can keep it–or words to that effect. Read The History of Money–it all started a long time ago, and you’ll understand what’s happening today.

  11. Harold Priest says:

    You forgot to mention that Barack Insane Obama and his regime, including all of his Muslim Brotherhood friends, are the terrorists. With this in mind, how long will it take now to deport Obama and all of his cohorts to Asia, anywhere??

  12. Vera Long says:

    When will people wake up and realize
    that what is happening in our country is
    because we “go along to get along”.
    We can’t see what is happening to the
    Constitution and our Freedoms unless
    we look at the results of the mandates
    that override the laws. They have filtered
    into health care, K to 12 school books,
    religion, social life, private lives, and we
    watch it happen. The citizens have become
    the enemy!

  13. senior74 says:

    I have also read that they (feds) don’t spy on the mosques that happen to span the terrorist because that would be politically incorrect.
    I have also heard on fox business Cavutto show that Obama campaign team had access to all of our info to plan the attack. Even Maxine Waters slipped that “greatest data base ever”. This was supplied by the guy that owns Google.

  14. Marie says:

    0bama is not normal. He is also envious as are most Muslims, i believe that is why they go around destroying other people’s property and taking lives in the name of their god. A real God would be inspiring them to be doing good for their neighbors and themselves instead of always taking and disrupting. 0bama is spying to see how normal people live. Their people were never given a book of instruction on how to live…we have offered them Bibles, but they prefer Welfare! Anyway 0bama’s spying did not stop what happened in Boston and our railway system and in many of our businesses, not to mentions various killings on our streets.

  15. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    They spy on us because THEY are the terrorists.

  16. pamela anne smith says:

    1st. Of all I did not unsubscribe. I was in the hospital having a catheter put in my juguler and heart. Some wayward child may have done while I was away. Please add me back on I have

  17. Jack Powers says:

    Floyd, you and all of US best hope that the conservative politicos can do something to negate this non-constitutional, usurping administration, because if they fail to do the business of WE THE PEOPLE then our only recourse is REVOLT! And that plan is already in the works! WE THE PEOPLE have a constitutional crisis on our hands, and The Sons of Liberty ARE STANDING AT THE READY TO BEGIN OUR OFFENSIVE AGAINST THE CONSTITUTIONALLY NON-LEGITIMATE FEDERAL GOV’T! No threat, ALL FACT!
    Jack Powers for,
    The Florida State Contingent of,
    The Sons of Liberty

  18. DAVID says:


  19. The Kid says:

    America as we knew it died in November 1963. I don’t believe we can even change it back any more – it’s too late. Since then there has been a combined effort that result of which is not good and will be the end of freedom and liberty for all.

  20. The Kid says:

    Just for everyones knowledge, I AM NOT “The Kid”. I wanted to leave a comment but the “*Name, will be published, *Email, will NOT be published, lines were both filled in and Kid if you email ends in sky@aol, I would be changing it. But just to encourage you it is not too late to change our country back. I am an aging veteran and if a million or so other aging veterans would join me on a march on Washington and pick up a million or so younger veterans and people willing to do more than grip, we can destroy the plans of the 537 occupants.

  21. Wolfgang Sprung Jr. says:

    The reason they want to spy on us and not the terrorists is simple to explain: THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS.

  22. Ever since Obama has been elected as president the richest people in America have wanted this to be like nations overseas. We Americans do not have any desire to be like Third World counties. All these countries are losers want to control the poorest people of their countries. We are a democracy that had a war to escape this tyranny.

  23. Patricia Scholes says:

    So my husband says, “They didn’t catch them because they didn’t want to.”

    An increasing number of Americans agree with my husband. They do not believe we have ANYONE in Congress who represents them.

    This is an alarming trend, but what choice has been left to us? Instead of countering charges of mistrust, what is Obama now doing?

    Why, he’s arming Syrian rebels, of course. Yeah, this takes care of the issues of protecting terrorists and illegals before defending legal citizens, right?

  24. Marc Jeric says:

    It really looks as if terrorism is an excuse for gathering information on U.S. citizens. This NSA-FBI approach is like the TSA approach to airport security: pretend that everyone needs surveillance rather than using profiles to focus on the likely threats. Also, as a part of Obama’s Outreach Program, the American mosques, their Imams and Mullahs, and their members are specifically excluded from the NSA-FBI anti-terrorist surveillance programs – according to the FBI boss’s congressional testimony.

  25. leah says:

    Big Stu got it right! But: Where are all the true Americans when election time comes around? We need to get it together (while we still have the vote)!!!

  26. Arnie says:

    Why does John Q. Public continue to let this anti American be The President?

  27. don says:

    their very afraid of us. they can not unarm us. terrorist are not at the top of their list want hurt them if a bunch of us get killed. but we the people with all the guns an ammo we have makes them worry of their control an power that they have

  28. greatswede says:

    It sems that people don’t understand the purpose of all this spying. It is to keep us under their thunb. To make us slaves. The ruler of Turkey I want to tell you what to drink how many kids you can have , what you can eat. We are going down the same path. Salvery.

  29. jack says:

    Everything is about CONTROL with the government. They want to control every last detail in our lives to make them all powerful.This is the big “change” obama brought??? There is no change, in fact it’s getting worse. The whole federal gov. needs a clean sweep from top to bottom with replacements that truly represent the people, instead of all being bought off puppets.

    • Korvet says:

      Jack, I think that when the speech and promises were made, there were a couple of typos, and we Americans did not catch and have them repaired immediately. It was not “Hope” and “Change” I believe that it was actually meant to be “Rope” and “Chains!” All of you can now easily see how those promises could so easily slip by us!”

  30. John Beach says:

    The technology which enables correlation of an individual’s contacts and friends in the social media, such as Facebook and others, and which is used in the “notifications” to users of such media ought to be adequate to narrow the scope of considerable communications related to the anti-terrorism efforts of the U.S. government. Certainly the difficulties presented by the internet and the “data-burst” speed of electronic communications complicate the rapid detection and evaluation of communications in general.
    Any loyal American with an eye and mind single to the goal of securing the people of the U.S. from attack by domestic or foreign terrorists, has to appreciate the elements of profiling and discrimination necessary to focus the targeting and evaluation of communications to persons with factors of probability. Not to be particularly focused
    on those, or to literally track all calls in the U.S. is tantamount to allowing terrorist attacks in the U.S. because they represent a part of the diversity of the American population and freedom of expression. This, of course, is absurd. So is non-targeted intercept and storage of communications. It is a waste, which, if a current practice ordered by this administration, represents the double-mindedness that has been apparent since the first day it came into office. The outright lies and deceit which are a constant part of the administration’s statements to the public provide a different kind of transparency that has been rare in previous administrations. All you have to do is believe that just about everything they say is a lie and you know what the truth is. Just as “you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can not please all the people all the time,” “you can represent some of the people some of the time, but you can not represent all the people all the time.” When citizens can no longer be represented because they are too opposingly diverse to be represented, those in leadership have to display the courage and wisdom to adhere to the founding principles and the Constitution and laws of the country and preserve the heritage which the country has had. Civil War is the alternative.

  31. June R. Lester says:

    What’s a URL? I already subscribe to the
    Wall Street Insider. I would like to have the
    books Robert Williams and Louis Basenese
    are offering on Unicorn etc. Get back to me,
    Please. jrl

  32. Now I get it. HA!

  33. What is done in the name of security is a ruse for something else, namely, control. Now that Obama is in his second term, the Democrats need to pave the road for Clinton, or perhaps another candidate. Like with an unfaithful spouse, I could never really trust this administration and the sheep that follow.

  34. Jeff Noncent says:

    because Obama think that the American people are the terrorist and his forefathers are the terrorist of all time that’s why he is going after the American people

  35. Gunner says:

    Obama has been the most corrupt person to occupy the White House. Also the most dangerous because he can make half the country believe his lies with help from a lapdog media.

  36. Shotgun says:

    I remember hearing way back when that:
    FireFox was developed by tthe CIA and that anyone using this service was having their Internet practices tracked.
    Why is it that FireFox has not shown up on the list of organizations being required to submit information to NSA?
    Is it that FireFox is a spy?

  37. Let’s be clear: Obama is the most corrupt, and the worst individual to occupy our White House because he has no loyal to America and her people. Our Founders warned of this when they insisted that only “a natural-born citizen” with undivided loyalties to America be President of the United States. Obama is NOT a natural-born citizen, and may not even be a U.S. citizen for that matter. Joe Arpaio and his investigators are driving this towards a Congressional review which MUST happen if we are to preserve our country. He is a fraud, and this crime must be brought out into the light. This is an American problem, and it is We the People who must insist, demand that this usurper be challenged. Then we may have a chance to restore our country by removing the overtly corrupt from Washington. I pray for this to happen.

  38. Debra Tate says:

    Obama is now trying to remove time limits on how long you can hold the office of President! HE WANTS TO BE AMERICAS DICTATOR!! Tell Congress to vote this down!! They will be voting on it within a few months!! Write your Congressman now!!! And keep writing!! Get everyone you know to do the same! Do you want a dictator, who loves the Muslims, running our country??? Impeqach Obama and ALL his cronies! Vote them out in 2014!

  39. Ray Downen says:

    It’s been obvious for many months that Obama either is a Muslim by birth or by conversion. His early training was as a Muslim, then as an opponent of this nation. It’s really not clear that he is a citizen of the U.S.A. It’s very clear that he is not one who could be identified as native-born. His actions are all to the detriment of our liberty and our well-being. So what should patriots do about the Muslim in the White House? We need not tell everyone in the world what we will do, but we’d surely better get busy doing it! — Ray Downen.

  40. Keith says:

    Get over it, I am sick and tired of being weary of them coming to the U.S. and killing a bunch of us. Like the man said, get all the terrorist groups out of Iraq and Iran, and end this war, and bring our troops home, and get them to heavily police their two counties, or start getting them houses and stores, hotels, business’s like we have, so they will stop this war, get them money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Robert says:

    I think Obama is a Muslim and should be impeached on the double. The sooner we get Obama out of the White House the sooner we will be able to resume the tours of the place. I think Obama should be made to get rid of sequestration.

  42. hermes bag says:

    I agree that the officer probably saved her life,and i think the family is glad for that.

  43. Why Do They Spy on Us and Not The Terrorists? |  Capitol Hill Daily

  44. Dan says:

    OBAMA is the real terrorist threat to our country!

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