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Buffett Plan Would Balance the Budget… But Wouldn’t Reform Congress

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  1. Bruce Day says:

    Great idea when do we start. I bet they read that bill

    • No, all of ‘they’ probably will read it, if you remember what Pelosi said a fairly short time ago before the vote on ObamaCare!!??!! She said “Vote on it, then we will read it”??? Did she get those instructions from Harry Reid or on her own?? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it??? Let’s (WE THE PEOPLE) get it going!!!

      • Harry Cauley says:

        Yeah I remember Pelosi’s statement well. It really was her statement she dreamed up on the spur of the moment. She had become irate because the Tea Party Republicans wanted to delay voting on Obama Care until they had read it. The bill had been held up too long by her estimation. Too bad those congressmen did not filibuster the ACA.
        Pelosi is a socialist and wants to help Old Bummer spread the wealth, as long as the wealth comes her direction.

  2. gilliland james says:

    Buffett’s plan makes absolute sense

    Admendment XXVIII Staart rolling -YES!!

  3. Walt Joslin says:

    I think that the high cost of campaigning is at the heart of the matter. If candidates were forbidden to do any campaining or to purchase any canpaign advertising prior to 90 days before the election the window for spending would be too short for the billions of dollars to be spent. also require that all left over funds MUST be donated to a non-govermental approved charity.

    • You are ‘Right On’, Joshua King!!!!!!!

    • Albert Maslar says:

      Politicians are liars and schemers and would use legal PACs to do the dirty deeds, just as they are already doing.

      • Harry Cauley says:

        Right so campaign spending would revert to PACs. So PACs need to be done away with too. But I do like Buffet’s plan. Balance the budget or go home.

  4. Joshua King says:

    Congress has actually done a good job. The problem has been Harry Reids Senate. Until we get his worthless butt and all his friends out of there nothing will change.

  5. LET’S GET IT DONE!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!

  6. Kim says:

    About time someone put the limits on lobbyists that could stand the tests of time. It is about the only way to effectively clean things up and would still take years to do it. But worth the wait.
    The next thing that has to happen is make all people equal – no special perks for the Federal Government legislatures. None. If we the people have such and such insurance; they do. If we the people must pay our bills; they must.

  7. edinvestor says:

    Well, we might as well have a House of Lords. The people have spoken and they want to be serfs. They are willing to trade their freedom for being taken care of.

  8. The Pastor says:

    You know I hear all the cries of everyone about this and that. But when election time comes all the same people get back in the Senate, by hock or crook Obama will get the Senate he wants. Maybe we as the people should guard the voting places to make sure there is no cheating. One more thing we got to get rid of Harry Reid out of the senate. I blame the tea party for this and his still being in the Senate

  9. The Pastor says:

    There is one more thing that will help insure no cheating will be done. Demand that all voting is done on paper sheets, not any machine of any kind. Especially any thing Obama money man buys to put in polls. That is right demand your state to use paper ballots nothing else.

  10. Ibn Insha says:

    The problem with this plan is it tries to legislate morality and ethics. This will not work. Politicians will find other ways to commit their shenanigans and people will continue to ignore them in return for freebies. The only way is to change people’s minds about other people’s money because we the corrupt people keep electing corrupt politicians into office so that they can give us free goodies bought by other people’s money. Once you are able to change people’s minds everything will fall in place automatically.

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