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We The People Are Losing Our Constitutional Rights

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  1. Robert says:

    I have to stress the fact that Republicans didn’t vote in the Presidential election which made the Democrats think we are a very weak party without backbone. We have to get more Republicans and Tea Party voters to the polls and vote with their heart and not their head. Mitt Romney lost because the Republican Party just didn’t vote but now we have a chance to take the Senate away from the tax and spend and print money Democrats and give them a taste of their own medicine and see how they like it especially getting targeted by the IRS.

    • rich says:

      republicans and tea party I think if were to ask gun owners of the usa you could get a lot more yotes and people to demastate with you?????????????????????????

    • Arthur says:

      If you really still believe that there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans, I have some waterfront property you might be interested in. It’s located on the moon with a great view of the “sea of tranquility”.

  2. Arthur says:

    We the people need to stage a Egyptian style really in Washington DC that shuts down the government in till the Constitution is reinstated, and Big Brother’s are thrown out of government.

  3. Prajna Kalidasa says:

    This sort of thing will continue until someone it is happening to kills a cop or two, and their neighbors stand with them to kill the next batch of cops that come after them.

    • Charles Martin says:

      They are slowly backing the people into a corner and than it is going to get bad.

  4. terri mikula says:

    May God help we the people never lose our Constutition rights. Let you throw Obama out not anymore president!

    • Keith Luxton says:

      He never was President. He is constitutionally illegible to run for president. In fact there has apparently never been a long form birth certificate shown to even prove he is American. While there is hard proof that a few years back he was being praised as a Kenyan being place in as President of the USA.
      Never in America’s history has the American laws been so blatantly and flagrantly ignored by a so called President

      • Estella Gonzales says:

        If we the people are not willing to fight against this tyranny, it will continue to get worse. We need more Americans to fight.

        • Leon says:

          “We the people” must collectively unite to defend Ameica, our freedom and rights the constitution states. We did in past wars and other courageous actions to establish and protect it. Now our own congressmen who were elected to present our rights and protect our country are both ineffective and some traitors. Unfortunately, those few congressmen who still stand for America and the citizen rights are outnumbered and must fight an unending political battle. The Obama adminstration propels destruction of America. God will not allow America to continue to exist within the current presence of overwhelming evil and removal of all recognition of HIS presence in our previously blessed nation. “People stand, fight, defend and be heard before it is too late”.

      • pat says:

        neither was BUSH sr. qualified to be president-he was born and raised in Germany of NAZI parents and member of the NAZI PARTY as was his adopted father Prescott Bush who co-founded the american nazi party and funded Hitler. Psychopathy and evil in general has nothing to do with race, religion, or party affiliation…the ones you see are NOT the ones running the show-and i bet most would not recognize the names–except maybe Satan and his minions…most have some idea of the evil behind the curtain-just by looking at their minions.

  5. Dave says:

    Everyone better start fighting to take them back! Start by insisting that candidates for office know and respect the constitution many don’t. All 68 of the senators who recently voted for the unconstitutional S.744 immigration bill did so unlawfully. As it contained a tax provision; all revenue bills MUST originate in the House. … how is it we have 68 senators who either didn’t read the bill or willfully ignored the rule of law (the U.S. Constitution) and voted for it anyway. Who elected these despots? Everyone in congress has to know that.

  6. Glen J Couvillion says:

    5+ years ago, if someone had done their job, this Republic would not be where it is today. As a natural born citizen of the United States of America, I’m always amazed at people in the media, all living, past U.S. Presidents, the Electoral College, every County/Parish Registrar of Voters, every State Attorney General, and every member of Congress who never want to talk about, or take legal action regarding, the topics which are of extreme importance to this Republic. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is not A Natural Born Citizen of this country, because both of his parents were not American citizens. Look it up, the United States Constitution clearly states that anyone who is not a Natural Born Citizen cannot serve as President or Vice-President of the United States. Furthermore, Barack has never proven that he is even an American citizen, because the only birth certificate they posted on the White House website was confirmed to be a computer generated fraud. May I make a suggestion? Why not publish the investigative facts from Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona? Everyone who has the legal authority to stop him, but stands by and does nothing while he illegally serves as President of United States are all guilty of Treason, are they not? Have you ever discussed the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is not a natural born citizen of United States of America? If not, why not? Isn’t it your duty to educate your audience by telling them the truth? Speak up!

  7. solange says:

    wake up, lazy americans we will get what we deserve.

  8. Michael Martin says:

    America, wake up! We have a President who is openly defying the Constitution! Each and every concerned citizen needs to take the time to write their representatives in Congress to demand that they immediately begin impeachment proceedings. Do it now; we are running out of time as a Republic.

    • Diane Dalbey says:

      please read and and give me feed back on how to bring this situation right to the front of each and every court house statewide. Go to Freedom Informant. Constitutional Rights Organization Of Citizens.leave me your commit, and any suggestions. It just may work

  9. All I can say is yes we need to get as many as we can REP to vote out the backstabber REP and vote in new I hope younger ones with a back bone to do the job they are placed in to do, also vote out as Many DEMs as we can I will votre as it stands right now for Paul Rand and Crews as VP we need to show up in 2014 and after that just maybe the other DEMS will see the light

  10. William Hall says:

    As Americans, we all see how the current President has, and is destroying
    this Country. When we watch TV, especially of other Countries, we are
    witnessing a Countries people protesting, flagging signs, burning flags,
    and etc., to emulate their dissatisfaction with their current President.
    Through this method of millions of people gathering to get their message
    of dissatisfaction accross to the Congress and Pres., they have been able
    to replace the current leaders. Why is it that we Americans do not have the
    guts, or are willing to devote our prescious time to accomplish the same.
    We need an organizer to make this happen—then all of us who are willing,
    will show up at Wash DC, with signs of Impeachment of Obama.??This is the only way that our Congressional Reps will listen.

  11. Suede says:

    I constantly email my Senators. I knew when elder Bush ran for POTUS and said this is a new world order that it was downhill.

  12. david miller says:

    I think I’m going to run for president in a few yrs. I will clean Washington up, put all them special intrest idiots in a barn and hand them a shovel and say ” get scrapping boys”, give Monsanto the pink slip,and give the American people the peace and quiet we need

  13. Diane Dalbey says:

    Please everyone go to freedom Informant and read part of my story, and there are thousands more just like them. It was first a joke when I said it to my daughter, but the more reports and statistic’s I keep reading, I think this might work. Any suggestions or help in my Quest for the citizens of the United States would be great!!

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