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Un-American, Unqualified… Unimpeachable?

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  1. Nitwit, Paranoid Liberals don’t want anyone to mock, investigate or question Obama, they will never allow that, so Obama will never be impeached for his treasonous scandals, he is the Liberals Messiah, he is untouchable.

    • agrneydgrl says:

      If he is illegal, he needs to be arrested and tired. You can’t impeach him because he is not suppose to be there in the first place. If he is impeached, it gives credibility to his presidency.

    • Jack Kinch says:

      Keep trying to impeach. Do not stop. Demorats are destroying the American way. Cannot believe anything they say. Cannot trust. NObama is unAmerican, even anti American.
      USA has been giving aid to Egypt. I am not certain we should have but they are now fighting muslim brotherhood and there is talk of cutting off aid. NOW is the time to give aid. Is NObama muslim?

    • Dale Hogue says:

      Read my comments further down the line. If you’re still not convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is not a legal citizen of the United States, then you’re too ignorant or stupid to be posting on this page.

    • Dale Hogue says:

      That pretty much nails it.

  2. Jon says:

    I am afraid that the rot and decay have penetrated throughout Congress, and there is little hope of getting a 2/3 majority in the Senate for impeachment. The voters in this country have been and still are in a deep slumber like the city of Troy, and the Trojan Horse is already inside the gates.

    • James says:

      So true about the Trojan Horse. But we have to be smart when we VOTE this next election. Do your homework. But these same Congressmen, Senators and such must be replaced!! They are old and have already been sold!! Just pick the next best choice but not the same OLD choice. This is if you think the old choice was good but not doing his job. Voting and rotating them regularly is going to be an important way of the people keeping their control, and outrageous waiste that keeps growing.

      • bigdaddyhahn says:

        Problem the system is set up so if you get a politician voted out of office they just run for another office against someone else who got voted out. To break into the establishment of either party to run for office takes time, money and butt kissing. By the time you get to run for the $176,000 a year job you are as crooked as the politician in office. Sorry state of affairs is showing now in the future of our once powerful country.

    • henry hoskison says:

      At least you could say I tried, you can’t do anything, IF you don’t try. The Senate might surprise you, they tired & waiting for someone to get it started, I would hope so;

    • Lester St. Andrie says:

      Again, I say the problem is that we do not have enough votes in the house or senate to see fruition to impeachment. What we who believe that there has been a crime committed by POTUS should round up every conservative voter and get him to the polls to cast his vote for someone that will live up to his oath of office and then we can do the impeachment process. I am not sure that some RINOs are no already lining up with DemocRATs to make sure POTUS is never found guilty, though there is so much proof. The Speaker could form a select committee and then the council, through diligent investigation could get the truth before the American people. How about that Speaker Boehner? Are you a true Republican or another RINO?

      • Travis Mixon says:

        John Boehner is definitely a RINO . Mitch McConnel, John Roberts either are rhinos or very weak men . We have this mess because of Supreme Court justice John Roberts. He will go down in history as a weak man that made a decision that brought down the United States of America. Worse part he knows its unconstitutional and gave in to the pressures from the worse president and worst media in history. He could have been the man that saved America. How does he sleep or even show his face at work. They must take “in God we trust” off every building, because it’s a lie. They make decisions opposite of Gods teaching

  3. doug suffel says:

    I never thought we had such scared old men in congress.this man is taking everything from what we dont have left.that man barack hussein obama.IMPEACH THIS MISTAKE your dam jobs and show your voters what being an AMERICAN MAN CAN DO.

    • First of all, The United States Constitution states in Article II, Section 4: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Please share with the world your list of President Obama’s acts of treason, bribery, or other high crimes. Please be specific and include as much detail about each entry on your list as possible. Keep in mind, as you prepare your list, that having brown skin is not an act of treason, bribery or high crime so therefore it is not an impeachable offense.

      Secondly, I consider the asinine discussion about President Obama’s United States citizenship unworthy of even the least bit of attention. Only fools really believe that somehow, while campaigning, Barack Obama managed to elude the intense scrutiny of the Secret Service and the FBI to become President of the United States.

      I will await your list.

      • Dale Hogue says:

        You’re either politically stupid or so politically ignorant that you can’t understand that a historical political scam has been perpetrated against the Unite States Constitution regarding the validity of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. He wasn’t born in the United States to parents who were both American citizens. That is a requirement whether you think it should be or not. On a number of occasions during his political career he admitted that he was born in Kenya. There are videos of Barack Hussein Obama admitted that he was born in Kenya. How did you miss them? Regardless of your smart aleck remarks about those of us who have been doing serious investigating as to whether Barack Hussein Obama is a legal citizen of this United States of America, we are right and you are wrong. Do some real investigating in order for you to even come close to intellectually complying with the legal vetting process of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to hold any political office in our government. He is not an American citizen. A phony birth certificate does not cut it anyway you slice it. It’s people like you who are willing to sell our Constitutional Republic to the lowest bidder who just happens to be able to read other people’s words off a teleprompter who will do this country in. Make no mistake about it, you’re a traitor to the Unites States of America if you insist on supporting this non-American scam artist in his attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

      • Ron Moyer says:

        0bama is the Poster Boy for the “Peter Principle” –
        The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability, resulting in FAILURE – (Like we have Now, in D.C.)

  4. Fire says:

    We are so screwed.

    • All this to no avail. The fact that Hillary Clinton, and Obama, are guilty of treason, is still being ignored by, the Senate, and the House, and ALL of the suck up “main street” media. All these people getting new ID’S, and disappearing- survivores thanks to Woods, and Doherty too cowardly to talk, disgracing themselves in the lives these two disobedient, brave seals handed to them That “house”, was to run weapons, cash, guns, meds, to Al-Queda, and they sent some to Syria, Libya, kept some, and lord only knows who else. Mr Stevens, and Mr Smith’s RAPE, and murder is crying out for JUSTICE, that demands the prosecution of Clinton, and Obama. It is even more disgraceful that they are so ARROGANT, that they have BIG MONEY behind them, including the maniacs in Hollywood, to insure no one dare touch their guiltand promote Clinton’s bid for President.

      • granny says:

        I agree with you. You forgot to include Mr Foster in your statement of those crying out for justice. I have seen it over and over in my life time: truth always floats to the top. These men may be gone, but they have not forgotten.

      • Lolipop says:

        So well said and So sadly true!

      • Chuck Tice says:

        AMEN! The big money is and always has been behind Obama. Our do Nothing Congress are nothing more than sheep let by their noses to do Obamas bidding. Those that speak out still do not have enough manly Testosterone to take is all the way. Lots of talk, little action. I for one will vote for the person and NO one that is already in office will get my vote. I do not care what they say they have or will do. I am so fed up with this present 2 party system, They do nothing but blame each other for all the wrongs, and they are mountainous, I wish more people would NOT vote party but for the person based on what they say. Catch them lying – Recall.

        • Allan says:

          Right on Chuck. There is only one representative in Florida I wish to retain. The rest are “wimps” AND SELF SERVING ON LY: C.W Y. does his job right the others would destroy this great country irregardless of their rhetoric.

    • Richard says:

      I agree with YOU 100% it should be the WHOLE GOVERNMENT! as our Fore fathers said in the Constitution (WE the PEOPLE) the Government complained about the Mafia well our Government is worse than the Mafia! We should Impeach Obama as what has he truly done for the American People??? (PUT US IN DEBT IN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS!) and now is DESTROYING OUR MILLITARY! And our Government is letting him! AMERICA wake up He thinks he is above GOD! He wants to be MUHAMMAD!

  5. David in MA says:

    ” If we were to impeach the President tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the House of Representatives to do it. But it would go to the Senate and he wouldn’t be convicted.””

    • Charles says:

      I agree put it to a vote!

    • Jon says:

      we need to have him (www.barrysoetoro) ARRESTED for all the many terrible things he’s done so far, so he can’t do any more.

    • Jim says:

      David, we need the guts our founding fathers had when they wanted to rid themselves of a tyrannical king. Those men were so intelligent they foresaw someone like Obama taking the reigns and driving this once really great country into the ground and made provisions for it in the Constitution. We need people with the guts to stand up against this scared of Obama Congress and Obama, start over with new statesmen in Congress and the White House and put the Constitution back as the controlling Law of the Land. The Senate is afraid of him and you read what Farenthold said, he made it pretty clear the entire congress is afraid of Obama, that leaves, “we the people” to take care of the job!!!!!

    • NickCzudy says:

      There is a very good reason that Obama has not been impeached.
      He has been doing a great job and has run a clean administration. How crazy are you guys?
      These calls for impeachment show the rest of us just how much the GOP is the party of stupid. If anyone should get impeached it is the GOP congress for undermining the economy of the USA, of retarding the economic turnaround, of crimes against women and for wasting government resources.
      They imposed the ludicrous sequestration against Obama’s early proposal that no one thought were crazy enough to implement. I know it was his idea. It was supposed to be an incentive to come to an agreement. You cannot blame Obama for that.
      Also they are the party of corruption. The only reason that they are making Obamacare their mantra is because, collectively they have taken in over 100 million dollars into their pockets from the health lobby. This lobby has been making obscene profits over the lives of Americans. Thousands have lost their homes and gone bankrupt from the CEO death panels disallowing treatment because it will cost the CEO’s too much. We have had death panels in place for decades. It is so funny that the GOP are using this as a reason to defund Obamacare. Let me ask you this. Would you want the management or executives of the HMO’s and Insurance companies making decisions on whether to give you health treatment, or would you rather have an independent panel of doctors and civil servants making that decision. Haha. it is a no brainer for me. Get me away from the current death panels of greedy HMO executives.
      Why is no one questioning the bribery that all of the GOP have taken from the Health Lobby. That is their only reason to keep battering against Obamacare. Give us something that is better. The solution is not to let it out to private sector.
      The areas of Health, Education, Military and the Jail system that are areas that the government are best to administer and run.
      We have far too many people being thrown in jail for such benign crimes as having Marijuana on them. There are at least 50 of the current incarcerated people that should not be in jail.
      I do thank you for your constant and never ending source of laughs. This type of Right Wing banter makes me laugh and it never ceases to amaze me just how stupid you are all.
      Impeachment. Really?
      Best regards
      Nick Czudy

      • Jim says:

        You are an ignorant POS, and probably an handout expecter.

      • Curtis says:

        Are you serious about doing a good job or is this a satire?Get the government out of healthcare,education and into the private sector where it belongs!!.You must be dellusional!

      • Richard Wright says:

        You sir are a total idiot.

      • Allan says:

        Nick: wHEN the economy is tough no other president spent so much on vacations;arming radicals; destroying Constitutional Amendments one by one: removing our Rights and invading persons homes with concocted falsehoods. You really need to do some checking into where this president is taking America. The downslope is deepening as the angle increases.

      • Raul Valdes says:

        You must be blind, deaf and crazy, barry soetoro has done a great job of destroying this country and his is the most corrupt administration that I have seen in my lifetime and or read about in history. This corrupt communist makes Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton seem not as bad as history has proven. Barry Soetoro always gets the opposite effect that this lying teleprompter reader intends. I know he is just a puppet and removing him will just put the other puppet Joe Biden in office, so what good would that do? All I know is that if I wanted to destroy this country from within, I would do the exact same thing he is doing appointing communist Czars that do his bidding and don’t have to answer to the American citizens. Also with the power that he can effectively get away with his executive powers, due to the division of powers that we have in this great nation that is the only thing that has stopped him from becoming a despot and doing away with the constitution that is our line of defense for freedom in America. So it is very important who we send to Washington wether the senate of congress or even local elections. Wise up America, educate the low information voters with the truth and forgive them for they know not what they do. God Bless America

      • Paul Chapman says:

        Nick, Man have you ever guzzeled the cool-aide! This so called POTUS hasn’t done a thing for the American people. He has side stepped the constitution,walked all over the amendments and has tried to undermine the military to the point that it is almost ineffective!Hasn’t got the country headed back to jobs or anything. He is a liberal democrats dream, everyone on welfare,waitting for big government to take care of them. Quit drinking the cool-aide and READ! There’s a totally different world out there!

      • Finally, Nick, a voice of reason. I was beginning to think that only wild-eyed idiots read and post on this site. I have never read such drivel by adults with at least a high school education.

      • Travis Mixon says:

        This is what you call an uninformed voter that thinks he knows everything . ” he reads the newspapers and watches MSNBC” so he knows the liberal lines of the uninformed. We feel sad for you . It’s ridiculous with the media watch on Republicans that they take 100s of millions of dollars from whoever. Think for a change.,how can these exchanges of money happen without the IRS wondering how a Republican making $174,000 suddenly has Millions in his account. You listen to the biggest liars in history. You think the government runs things efficient ? What country are you living in. That’s why health care is so high now.,the involvement of government. Nobody cares what’s charged and there’s np competition. You just call us names, you can’t win over ideas

    • Thom says:

      It is the SWORN DUTY of each and every member of Congress to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! It is NOT acceptable for them to substitute their own impulses for the will of their constituents. Sadly, the Democrat majority in the Senate will not honor that sworn obligation but will rush to defend this illegal and dishonest power hungry administration with NO regard to the impact on America and her citizens. Replace them all (and the few weak rinos) in the coming “off year” elections and THEN we have a basis for real justice!

      • Thom, read my earlier post in which I requested a list of the acts of treason, bribery, or high crimes allegedly committed by President Obama.

        There was no “real justice” under previous republican president administrations and there many. You are deluding yourself if you truly think a republican president now will be any different from his predecessors.

    • John says:

      Impeach Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Schumer all at the same time. Pelosi in 2008 filed false affidavits in 49 States when Obama was elected President in which the verbage “Meets the requirements of the US Constitution” was taken out of the affidavits. Only in one State, Hawaii, is that verbage included. This was not an oversight, nor a error. All three, along with highly placed democrats including the Attorney General Holder knew he did not meet the requirements to be elected President. In so far the two appointments Obama made to the Supreme Court can be included as well, as they won legal suits to keep Obama’s educational backgrounds from becoming public. Yes, bring Treason charges against every democratic member of the Senate as well as the House and Rinos. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE.

    • Allan says:

      Great to get this kind of viewpoint from New England.

  6. EltonJ says:

    They should just impeach him, no matter what damage will be done. We will eventually heal.

  7. HOREDOG says:

    impeach him before any more damage is done

  8. Jsph Hagan says:


    • jane erway says:

      You are so right, The Republicans will never do a thing, They make me sick. They have backed down on every single issue and when they had the chance to do something with Joe Arpaio they spit in his face. He is the only true American fighting for us

    • thomas stein says:

      jsph hagan—– you said it correctly and to the point

    • Ike says:

      So you think the Tea Party is interested in restoring and supporting the Constitution? The several Tea Party meetings I attended made it clear they thought addressing constitutional abuses that related to anything other than fiscal responsibility was a distraction from the important issues that needed to be solved.

      Isn’t it the Tea Party who elected Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both of whom seem to have presidential aspirations and neither of whom is a ‘natural-born’ citizen; who also support Rand Paul who just stated he didn’t give a d#mn about the Constitution and a constitutionally eligible President?

      • Alan fredricks says:

        Talk about the party of stupid, Marco Rubio was born in Puerto Rico, which is a U.S. Territory that affords their people the category of “Natural Born” citizenship. You democrate liberals only see and believe what you want to see and believe. With the current mindset of the voting majority in this once great Country,(read that; entitalments, the hunger for power and ignorance), the United States of America is doomed. Your great president savior will succeed in changing the U.S. into a third world country.

  9. I think we should impeach Him before He takes America down and sell us out, Which I fell He is doing. I think that was his intention where in the first place.

  10. **I’m not sure how we fix it.** ???? REEEEEEALLLY!!!!!????? Then we should FIRE YOU!!! Americans pay these representatives to duhhhh represent us! Obama needs to be impeached. They need to do their jobs.

    The problem with the Senate is not just that they are democraps, but they are ALL CORRUPT protecting their CORRUPT leader! Holder needs to go, Pelosi, Reid, and all the rest of them! They all have their fingers in the corrupt proverbial pot, so they cover for one another, send each other on vacations, send’em out of town, promote them, keep them out of the media — it’s an ENDLESS COVERUP and an endless corrupt government.

    So of course the Senate can’t impeach BO — they are as corrupt as he is. They all have enough on each other to impeach the whole lot of them!

    • Charles says:

      Now you said a mouth full! aint nothing worth saveing in DC.
      Ok Ok but we can move the musium to Texas.

    • You want to talk about corruption? Read about former President George H.W. Bush, his collusion with Manuel Noriega to run guns to Central America in United States military equipment in exchange for permitting Noriega to run drugs to the United States. Read how Bush, as the Director of the CIA, had Noriega on the U.S. government’s payroll while they engaged in their collusion – yes, our tax dollars at work!

      While you are at it, read about Richard Nixon who appeared to be a megalomaniac, and read how he orchestrated a common burglary because of his lust for power, how he lied to the American people about escalating US involvement in the Vietnam war and how his name has gone down in infamy as the only United States President, to date, to resign the presidency or face impeachment which would have sent him to prison with the others in his administration who did serve prison terms for their part in the Watergate Scandal.

      Yeah, let’s start the talk about corruption with them.

      • Maizey Girl says:

        Diane, bringing up Bush’s and Nixon’s corruption is like a whiny teenager saying, “But Mom! Jenny didn’t clean her room last week!” Did Bush cause Obama’s scandals? Or provide a role model for how to take the MOST vacations I have ever seen a president take (at our expense, of course!)? I think not. Nixon got caught and was impeached. Obama continues to stomp all over our Constitutional rights, has been implicated in scandal after scandal. He’s either the dumbest president we’ve ever had, if everyone else is able to pull the wool over his eyes that much! Or he’s incompetent to be president, because he can’t keep the people around him in check. Or he’s! Whatever the case, he needs to be GONE! And ya’ know what? I don’t recall hearing about any Americans dying during Watergate (think Benghazi here!!)!

    • Maizey Girl says:


  11. B. August says:

    I researched at the beginning of Obama’s first term and found-out that his mother was born in America to American parents. That part is adequate.
    His father however, is, was, and has always been a citizen of Indonesia. Father has NEVER been an American. That’s where the rub comes in.
    Hence, Obama does not have full allegience to the country he is the “leader” of and that should have disqualified him from holding the presidency. Case closed!
    Concerned citizen of the United States

  12. Alex Bell says:

    If his mother was an American then he’s an American, there are other things he should be impeached for, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and executive orders. The Constitution limits the power of the President.

    • Allan says:

      Older Canadians know more about the American Constitution; the Bill of Rights and the proper interpretation of Separation of Church and State to which the Gov’t constantly breaks the ruling than most Americans. Sorry if this knocks you down a peg or 2 but this is the Truth. It amazed me how little many Americans know about their own Constitution when foreigners know so much.

      • Allan you do not know as much as you think you know.

        Section one, Article two of the United States Constitution reads, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    • Richard Muszynski says:

      seems to me that here in the United States a child goes by the nationality of his father, not his mother. In Israel it goes by the mother. if the mother is Jewish the child is, regardless of what religion the father had. when did we become Jewish in our belief of the children of a family belong to the Mother and not to the father at all? according to custom here the children follow the father, so our president is not American but Kenyan like his father. what his mother was is not really important since she left America when a teen and has been the citizen of how many foreign nations since leaving. Under American law when one takes another nationality and becomes a citizen in it, they forfeit their American citizenship. Is that not so?

  13. Barbara says:

    We cannot impeach OBama because no one is willing to stick out their necks to do it. How can we find a reason to impeach him?
    There has to be an impeachable offense. Where can we find one?

    • Jean says:

      There are enough reasons to impeach him if the Republicans only had guts! He should be tried for treason. Then we could get rid of all the crap he has done. If he is impeached, we only get rid of him….all the crap stands.

  14. DockyWocky says:

    “Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas answered some Obama questions candidly and his answers were captured on video.

    Here is what he said: “I think, unfortunately, the horse is already out of the barn on this, on the whole birth certificate issue… The original Congress when his eligibility came up should have looked into it and they didn’t. I’m not sure how we fix it.”

    This has to be the weakest excuse and outright cop-out I ever heard.

    Hey! Blake, and any of you lilly-livered pantywaist congresscritters that still possess a pair.

    I don’t believe it, but a cadaverous, semi-black Chicago con man has all you big chargers cowed and about powerless.

    Grow a set, or have a couple transplanted. You got the medical insurance plan that would allow that.

  15. Angela Battaglia says:

    It is not the media Congress and Senate need to worry about; it is the people. IF they do not IMPEACH I will not vote for any of them again. If they would have been doing their jobs in Obama’s first 4; no of us would be in this situation now. Benghazi, The Navy Seal issue, and Obamacare issues were not known then. The people did not have informed consent during elections; we were defrauded and all of this is high crimes; not to mention he does not uphold The Constitution.

    • Ed says:

      It is the media. The dis-information they put out helps him get away with all he is doing. Read the book “Manipulating Man”. Its at Barnes and Noble. . It will give you a clear look at how big of a part the lame stream media plays in this. If you do get the book, give it to someone else to read when you are finished.

  16. Mel says:

    As far as I am concerned neither party is worth keeping in Washington or even most states. There is so much crap I don’t know how they can even stand themselves. We need to remember all this in the 2014 elections and get some men and women with real balls. Obama don’t even count he is such a social/communist. I wish for impeachment but until the Senate changes hands forget it.

  17. Maybe these congressman are just cowards as far as them checking into his eligibility to be potus I do not remember Congress checking into that issue at all at any time so how could they come up with a statement like that as far as a conviction goes the guys in the senate have enough sense to hang on to their jobs if enough complaints are sent into their offices or they would be in jeopardy of loosing their jobs so I would think they would rather loose an Obama rather than their own so I reckon its up to the voters to put extreme pressure on theses folks to man up and do your jobs or loose your jobs……the public is already not very happy with you people already so it wouldn’t take much to put a boot in your collective butts and bounce you down the road

    • Allan says:

      From Community Clubs and other social events the weakness of the Congress often gets into the topic of conversation. Many of the former Pro Obama voters are now mad at themselves for their gullibility of consuming the Barry Hussein Soetoro rhetoric . Most persons want to place a new slate of representatives into office as many feel their representatives are actually UNPATRIOTIC. I haven’t found even one person who wants him as president.

  18. Dave B says:

    Sounds like it’s time to quote the founding fathers, uphold the Constitution, and start the revolution, again!

    The Egyptian people did it. They got rid of their corrupt government twice now!

  19. Gary Wagner says:

    I used to live in Ecuador, where the presidency changed as frequently as changing your socks. There were a number of times the military would move in, removing a president, and deported them.

    I wonder if our military will ever have the courage to do that for the good of the country? My, I miss the smell of tear gas on a beautiful evening!

  20. Gerald Mann says:

    We the people have been asking for impeachment since right after the first election , remember the one where several million dead people got up from their coffins long enough to vote, and as I understand it quit a few of them didn’t speak English , which leads me to wonder what they speak on the other side ? Anyway Obama has stolen two elections that fact has as I understand it been proven, Obama has been responsible along with his friend Eric Holder for fast and furious in which a lot of Mexican ‘s and several American INS agents were killed (with apparently US Government approval) , Obama can now kill with our drones anyone anywhere with out any reason or approval what so ever. No matter what these Treasonous people do , when questioned they don’t respond and because the news media is afraid no one does nothing , perhaps if Congress at least starts the process American Pride may rise up and win , letting America get back on track with someone that knows what they are doing ..Remember Obama has killed more US Navy SEALS then were killed in combat, Not counting the ones killed in Benghazi. If he is impeached we can put Obama care where it belongs , in the trash, and get the country back to work and out of debt..

  21. Jason Cox says:

    If Obama where impeached by the senate, US Attorneys would have him indicted on Fraud, and Identity theft !!! He would also loose the lifelong health and other benefits for him and his family. The blacks would pull the race card, and possibly riot… But what we need is representatives who will enforce what is Just, with no concern for who’ s feelings we hurt!! This nation is too sensitive to civil rights and other peoples liberal feelings.

  22. Robwil says:

    Everyone knows Obuma is a towelhead and is the biggest threat to America since Sept. 01,2001. All our other elected officials are crooks and traitors. Having served my country in both the Navy and the Army, I as a handicap veteran receive no special care or aide and must carry my own burden while the government that sent me off to fight provides themselves with free lifetime medical coverage and pensions ect. America needs to take care of it’s citizens and deport all illegals and the traitors in Washington. We can stop this very easily, by first eliminating the so called Electoral College and having the American popular vote install our president. There has only been one, possibly two presidents in office who served without E.C. endorsement. We the people do not elect presidents. Voting is a fraud on the people and until the E.C. is done away with Washington will continue violating the Constitutional Amendments and we the people will pay the price.

  23. Howie Subnick says:

    Those in Washington who said we could not prove the case against Obama’s citizenship are LIARS. They don’t have the balls to go to the wall and tell the truth. Obama is about as legal as Hispanics doing the back sroke in the Rio Grande. Talk to the Arizona Sheriff and back him because he knows the truth and has the proof and tells the truth. The President of the United States is breaking the law day in and day out because he makes his own rules. The United States
    means nothing to him or his family. Very soon you will see the United States as a third world country because NO ONE HAS THE BALLS TO STAND UP AGAINST OBAMA. A MUSLIM WHO HATES THE UNITED STATES. If you do not understand this go see a PROCTOLOGIST to have your head examined. God Bless Those That Care.

    • Charles says:

      Your right on the money!

    • Jim says:

      There is an answer, read my reply to David in MA. You are correct, Congress does not have the balls, as Farenthold said they are afraid of the MEDIA. There is a group on facebook “People who believe in the Constitution”, its an open group, anyone can join, looking for a million or so Veterans and Patriots to march INTO Washington and put the Constitution back as the Law of the Land. We do not have the luxury of waiting til the next election. We need people with guts and willing to loose everything in the process just like the founding fathers.

      • Tell us when and where.

        • Bob Snyder says:

          We don,t want to impeach,we need Mr Obama brought up on charges in the courts .If he is found guilty of the charges everything he has done from Obamacare ,All his executive orders will be null and void if convicted.He has snubbed the US Constitution,Has told our brave servicemen no bibles ect.He has no right to do any of this.

      • Derrell Poole says:

        I don’t do face book. But I’m a veteran and I’m a patriot and I love the Constitution. I really don’t see any point in living in a country or a world where I am a slave.

        A million Veterans and Patriots? Count me in.

        If Congress is afraid of the leftist media we need to make them MORE afraid of us! 2 million boots trampling their lawn ought to get their attention.

        • Bob Velon says:

          Derrell, I am with you 100% I am also a veteran and am disgusted with what this imposter is doing to this country. His anal babies support him and wouldn’t see the truth no matter how you present it to them….. He needs to go. If 2 million people were out on their lawn wanting their blood you can bet they would listen..

        • Patrick says:

          Derrill Poole – I’m with you brother and all the other vets or civilians who’d like to join us. We have got to do something about this corrupt government who is buying friends from the sweat of patriots and laughing all the way to the bank. I swear, there is very little difference between Barry Santorum (BO’s real name) and Saddam Hussain.

    • Richard Vandervort says:

      If your looking for governmental leadership to bring down Obama your only kidding yourself. It’s not a matter of Balls but in fact who’s going to kill off the Golden Goose that fills their pockets with golden egg’s. This tyrannical run away government will only be stopped when the people awaken and say we’ve had enough.
      When our people of all races stand up to the corruption of Washington it will be our first day to a truly United States Of America again.

  24. Liz says:

    Jesus is in control…evangelize…evangelize…evangelize. The closer the public comes to Christ the more blessings we’ll receive.

    The further away we are…the more it will show in our leaders.

    • if jesus is in control why does he let the muslum obas–rd ruin a christan country

      • Lawrence says:

        It is no longer a Christian if it ever was. In any event the church is so apostate that I believe unless there is a great awakening by the church God will no doubt bring judgment on us.

      • Christian country? Are you serious? Roe v. Wade 410 US 113 (1973) effectively legalized the murder of millions and millions of babies. The United States is no more a Christian country than Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

        As for who is ruining the country – greedy white men are ruining this country. Have you forgotten the crash in the mortgage banking industry just a few years ago from which the country has not yet recovered?

        For the record, the United States as well as all others countries are in the throes of battle with the real enemy of our souls, who is the Devil. Things are not getting better; they are getting worse. And, they will continue to get worse because sin and the Devil are in the world. Jesus Christ is coming again to take His Church to Heaven with Him. His ‘Church’ is those who have received His free gift of salvation – the salvation He secured for us by His death on the cross at His first coming.

        Read the Gospel of John, but first read 3:1-8 and 13 – 18 in that Gospel which tell us what God thinks of His creations and His plan of rescue for us.

    • Jim says:

      God didn’t do anything for the founding fathers, they had to fight for our freedom. The difference between them and most people today, they had a belief in WHAT COULD BE, along with a belief in God. God did not do it for them. Remember when God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomora, if he could have found 10 honorable men he would not do it. Well, SIR, I want to show him a million or so march into Washington to put things back on track. I am so tired of so called Christians saying we have to let God take care of this, BS. GOD IS NOT GOING TO DO IT, he could help but he ain’t gonna do it by himself, WE HAVE TO SHOW WE ARE HONORABLE AND HAVE INTEGRITY AND LOVE THAT WE ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE!

      • Derrell Poole says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more, Jim. I do not begrudge anyone’s beliefs and indeed “my people perish for lack of hope” so if one’s hope is in Jesus more power to you. My hope is in our nature to INSIST upon our unalienable rights as that legacy of our species provided by NATURAL LAW. If you are a Christian and ALL you do is crawl around on your knees – oh God oh God oh God – you do us all wrong! I do not believe in God but I am happy that you do. So Pray. Pray hard. Then Act upon your convictions. If you believe in GOD, BEEEEE His mighty hand. THAT is how he works! I have friends and relatives who think Jesus is coming to take them away – First of all he never said he was going to take you out of this world when things got rough. But to cower in your pray closet and have faith GAWD will deliver you? You’re gonna grieve! Stand up and FIGHT. Then God will deliver you. My friends and relatives resist my pleas to them to take an active stand. It’s easy and its comforting to just pray. But it does NOTHING! Worst of all it is blatantly LAZY!

      • Dallas Cheked says:

        God helps those who help themselves. He provides the motivation and inspiration, we must provide the perspiration.

        Also grab your Bible and turn to II Chronicles 7:14. It contains a powerful message that pertains to America now more than ever

  25. Concerned says:

    Yes Jesus is in Control, but he doesn’t want us to be asleep and ignore.

  26. Concerned says:

    So America, have you had enough? Time for the People to rise up against the crooks, thieves, liars in our White House, Congress, and Pentagon and truly take back our country as One Nation Under God and get the United Nations out, the President, Vice President, Congress, Hillary and Bill Clinton, The Bushes, The Carters, Hollywood and bring back our God given rights under our Constitution!

  27. Charles says:

    Frankly The only reason Obumer is in office is because the worlds biggest crime ring wanted it that way,He wasnt elected by the American people.
    Congress is just a pile of manure play acting! I never been so embarresed in my life!
    Everything government has done is no differant from Bernie Madoff and they should be in prison,of course we cant do that because they put them selves above the laws of our country.

  28. Marilyn says:

    What message do we send to America if Obama is left in office and the end result would be that he is a USURPER.

  29. Larry says:

    Obama is the worst thing that has happened to America. He is running our country to the ground and the Muslim is proud of it. Impeach…Impeach…impeach… what part of that do you not understand? We the people should pick up our guns and practice our 2nd amendment rights. Fire all of them!!!!!!! They cover for each other then they can do time together.

  30. David says:

    Ditto that Liz. We live in times of perversity and lawlessness our country has ever seen. Almighty God is highly offended with our sin and his people following after this worlds pleasures and backsliding from Him.

  31. SteveG. says:

    The Congress is afraid to go against the MSM and Obama. They know the MSM will vilify them for going against their Messiah. Then they have the Chicago mafia and Muslim Brotherhood death squads to worry about too. They need to grow a set and follow through on their oath of office.

  32. Bill Anders says:

    I think the Senate wouldn’t impeach Obama because their only thinking of themselves and not the American people. So just to prove my point I sent each of my California Senators an E-Mail , Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein and told them to do what the majority of the people want or I would start a petition of recall against both of them. Which as a voter in California I can do this! If we can get enough people to recall their Senators in each of their states, we could get Obama impeached! In fact we should have only one Senator and the second seat would be for the majority voters to vote on line using their Social Security number for access to vote and use the second Senator to inform us on what going on and then we could control our own destiny some what.

    • Tom Lahman says:

      Every Senator/Congressman has a staff whose job it is to intercept mail/E-mail etc. and issue “robo” responses to give the appearance of interest in constituent concerns. You have to understand that foremost on their agenda is getting elected. Number two is getting reelected. Constituent concerns are way down the list.

      In the waning days of “Nam” a fellow Marine remarked to me:
      “People who write to their congressman are operating under two delusions: first that they don’t know and second that they would care if they did!”

      More at: “Obama and the Destruction of America”

  33. Harold Priest says:

    Harold of Toledo, OH: What has been described here is the gang leader (Barack Obama) is the defendant and the jurors are 12 members of his gang (the Senate). What kind of legal process is this? This ‘Worst Threat Ever To Be To America’ must be impeached. Barack Obama has to g0. The sooner the better, before this country is destroyed. Let’s get it done now.

  34. J Johansen says:

    I predict there will be a LOT fewer republicrat senators in the next election.

  35. JMorg says:

    How about “Do What is right, let the consequence follow” What a bunch of cowards.

  36. Robert says:

    Harry Reid is playing politics with the American people. Harry is a fraid to let Obama be impeached, he knows if Obama is impeached he wouldn’t be able to say and play the race card. The house could write articles of impeachment but it wouldn’t get far with Harry and the Democrats. We have to tell Harry to stop playing with the American people or make sure we get every single Republican and Tea Party people to the polls in 2014 and strip Harry and the Democrats from the Senate.

  37. So far, from what I have read here, Bill Anders make some sense! I have already told both of my Senators (Stabenow and Levin) that their days are marked for defeat! Lo and behold, whether by my writing or by some stroke of fate, Levin soon after announced that he will not seek reelection! Stabenow is in bed with Obama and the rest of those corrupt Obama elites, including Hillary, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and a host of other political prostitutes, male and female! We must individually let ou respective Senators know that we demand their allegiance to us and to the United States or face the consequences! Come on people, let’s make some real NOISE and start a silent revolution to take back our beloved country!!!!!

  38. henry hoskison says:

    you are using that as a cop out, they say the Senate won’t go along with it so, it’s up to you to bring the fight to them. you can’t win the fight if you don’t get in the ring.!!

  39. CR says:

    For those who will probably read this post. Let’s get together and send our letters to The HOR and Congress requesting the impeachment of our muslim president, his cohorts and his black congress caucus. To process all of them to the maximum extent of the law. THEN, if The HOR and Congress don’t do their jobs, I will be more than willing to die for this Nation in our 2nd Civil War. It happens all over third world countries, Why not here? We the people have the power to vote someone into and out of office and the power to also do their jobs.

  40. Howard M. says:

    The conclusion of Congressman Farenthold is “Absolutely UnAcceptable”.

    Our Congress FAILED to do their Required Job, when it comes to 0bama’s eligibility to be president. ALSO UNACCEPTABLE…

    So, the People should let Congress get away with the BIGGEST MOST DANGEROUS FRAUD in United States History, because they just didn’t get the Job Done?

    I believe the Entire Congress should be Removed from Office, along with the president and his entire cabinet and ALL Sent to Prison to be executed for Treason….

  41. Earl says:

    All congress should be asked, if they would support impeachment and if not vote them out at every chance or start a recall on them.

  42. Winfield Scott Hancock says:

    if this is the situation here what we need when are representatives arent representing us they need to be removed .We cant wait for elections, and I dont say this lightly. but I am beginning to feel like its time for us to come together as a people in an armed revolt. theres about 400 million people here well imagine the impact of 40 million or even just 4million people taking the streets of D.C. purging the house and the senate and driving all the lobbist out and rebuilding this nation as outlined in the constitution it would be a tough job but I think it could be done and if the american people are in charge in not to much time

  43. Shar says:

    So why doesn’t congress file and execute an indictment, have Obama and Holder arrested for all other crimes, Social security fraud, forgery, accessory to murder, Treason conspiring with our enemy the Muslim Brotherhood, bribery of Politicians, empowering our enemy with weapons and our money, smuggling weapons to enemies, smuggling money to the Muslim Brotherhood, and more??????.

  44. Shar says:

    Bet they don’t post my reply about an indictment of Obama that can be executed!

  45. Rob Sailor says:

    With so many violations of our constitution by this president, how can Farenthold worry about if he’s “innocent”? In his first term the man and his wife didn’t know which hand to use when saying the pledge of allegiance or how many states there are! These are things we learn in first grade and thats how many kids learned their left from their right. Harry Reid needs to become an American again as well as the rest of the senate. Stop with the excuses already! “Excuses are the foundation of a house of failure” and the Obama house is a failure.

  46. Look at it this way. If the impeachment was successful, who would become President? The Vice President? He’s dumber than a stump! He’s probably less qualified than Obummer. Then of course, I think the succession is the Speaker of the House! God, give me the grace to keep from running from this room screaming! I know there is not much we can currently do about this situation but remember the next time your offered a chance to vote. DO IT! No excuses. We are a representative form of government. I’ll bet many don’t realize that. They may think we are a democracy. In my mind a democracy is nothing but mob rule or a question of who has the biggest guns or in the case of our government, the most power. Look around the world and start asking yourself why “democracy” has a tough time getting planted anywhere. The answer is simple: it’s like socialism, IT DOES NOT WORK!!! In our form of government it’s up to all to participate. It’s up to each individual, voting his/her or whatever conscience! That is the same thing as saying: ignore freedom and it will go away! THIS COUNTRY HAD A CHRISTIAN BEGINNING! Taking god out of the schools was not a good idea. Let me see you take all the crosses out of the cemeteries, the courts, and our buildings in Washington, DC. They will be replace by something I’m sure. Right now it looks to me like the Iron crooked cross is a frontrunner to replace the Christian Cross! We’ve had separation of Church and State without getting stupid about it like we are now! Enough is enough. It’s up to each individual to do something about it. You vote in your representative as long as he agrees with you. If not, you vote him out. If you don’t like that, run for office yourself but make the commitment! It is your duty as a citizen and don’t complain if you don’t. That’s called taking responsibility. In God I Trust …… Are you going to take that off our money too???

  47. Mickey the Smickey says:

    Why don’t we just “fired” him? Donald Trump does that all the time!
    Mr. President, Your Fired!

  48. Rebecca says:

    The reason they will not vote to impeach him is plain and simple they are afraid of being called a racist, because he is the first half black half white president.

  49. Raymond Hull says:

    The house votes all the time to repeal Obamacare. What is wrong with getting a reading on what the House thinks of Obama’s performance overall? Ignoring the clear impeachable offenses Obama has committed will not make them go away and certainly sets a horrible example for the future of our country. It may be the end of our country unless we stand up for the rule of law. Obama certainly isn’t!!!

  50. peter says:

    And the nightmare will continue when hillary becomes president in 2016. The world does not really need the clintons in the Whitehouse again! lower case intended. All respect out the window. Sad!

  51. Mary says:

    I think the gentleman who suggested that we try to recall our state Senators sounds like a good idea…… I believe the fear of leaving the Senate and losing their money-job will provide enough fear from the American people that it will be greater than the fear they have from obama. It will have to be a united movement, all states, and needs a well known leader. No One comes to mind but I am certainly thinking about a who, what, and when. This is a solid thing that the people can do. We are strong just need a push HARD PUSH. He is in office and I still don’t know how he got there.

  52. Stan says:

    It’s really very simple. All the House has to do is hold a hearing in which all the impeachable TYPE offenses are detailed, and then simply Censure the man. (There is PLENTY of material for that move.) That way, the information at least gets out to the public, all neat and concise and detailed. And then it’s up to the public – We the People – to raise such a stink that the MSM has to cover it (and presuming that the alternate media will do so anyway). This is called building a fire under their bums (both the House and the Senate).

    And if the fire is stoked sufficiently, The People will demand that the man will be removed from office – without the Senate even having to consider formal impeachment proceedings. (And how can you impeach an illegal president anyway?? It lends some semblance of legality to the case.) He will have been convicted in the court of public opinion. And with patriots hounding him at every public performance with signs – not needing to say anything more than Just Go – that will render him impotent, and he will have no choice but to vacate the office, in the ignominy that he deserves.

    And then all the legislation that he signed into law will be rendered null and void (as it should be). And America will have the opportunity to get back on track – guided by the better angels of its nature this time – to a far, far better outcome than we are heading for as we (just) speak.

    • Cynthia Gage says:

      Great ambitious and substantive comment. I think you might have something here. How do we proceed?

  53. Bothart Gunnar says:

    everyone ,please lets all put our differences aside, and get up a formal petition to impeach this disgrace of a president out of office, he is running america to the ground and hurting the american people while doing it
    the so called first lady, has no morals are values either that the american people has uphold all these years until now, because of the disgrace of people we have in office and our government, petition sites are on line to impeach this fool, and create one of your own if you like, please keep your focus on this, on you tube you can see shameful first lady maing a mock of the american flag, and there is also other nasty info these 2 clowns have donewe do not have to let this go on,there are more of us, then they are of them, for the amount of damage obama has caused, and a terrible track record, he does not got a leg to stand on, thank you for taking the time to read what was needed to be said comment

  54. Rick says:

    The House can impeach, they can’t convict. The Senate holds the trial.

    Does anyone in their right mind think this Senate would convict Obama? You know they wouldn’t because they have no moral base.

  55. Old Sarge says:

    I think the real reason congress won’t proceed, is that they are afraid of an armed uprising from the blacks.

    • Cynthia Gage says:

      Old Sarge, i think it is more the cutting off of the head by the Muslim Brotherhood that has Congress scared, and if what is suspected is true, he will usurp the Constitution in 2016 and declare himself dictator.

  56. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Senate would not convict, that’s for sure, but just going through the motions would slow the man down. We shouldn’t go to the slaughter as sheep! That’s the alternative, I want to cloud the mans’ legacy. He has hurt this country terribly, and is a dangerous president. If he is illegal (and appears he is) then what do we want with him or anyone who supports him!

    • Bull says:

      he needs to be impeached , he is the biggest do nothing president this country has ever had, he worse than jimmy carter, all he abt is taking from us that will work,our guns and money, and he stays on vacation, thinking abt what he can shove down our throats next, he makes me sick, lies, lies, lies that’s all he is abt, him and holder, 2 cowards

  57. scotsblood says:

    Both Houses are basically gutless to impeach due to the fact most, not all, are NOT willing to risk their own careers or future political benefits as well as personal ones to make such a move. The whole system has failed and IS corrupt and steep in so much nuputism , as most would say, “good ole’ boy” politics that I personally believe it is beyond saving and certainly doomed to collapse upon itself soon.
    Kudos to those who fight it from within. It is and will continue to be an uphill fight.

  58. Rick says:

    I’m so disgusted with the Democratic Party, they know the true and they don’t care if this beautiful country of ours is going to the drain, as long they get away with their ugly agenda. What can you do?.. The GOP don’t do nothing, only talk, but no action, IMPEACH HIM!!!!!!

  59. Richard Vandervort says:

    There’s no question as to needed removal of Obama. In truth the removal of most of the corrupted politicans in the Senate and Congress must be carried out too. We let the government get so out of control by being lax and now we’re paying for it every day.
    We let greed get in the way of common sense and it’s led us into our now run away government of today and only We The People can ever hope to fixing the problems in Washington now.

  60. Bruce says:

    Christians pray all you want. Prayer without action is laziness and
    irresponsibility rolled into one, making your God your scapegoat
    and your faith inept when all this goes south because he didn’t
    respond to your Inaction. We all have become complacent with
    The Great Gifts of Freedom & Liberty bestowed upon us from
    above and yet we have become like Fat Sheep being led to
    slaughter.We are so Blessed & Fat we can’t standup to defend our
    selves from the enemy within.Who is the real enemy?We are.

  61. B Haas says:

    Obama could kill a congressman on the house floor and he would get away with it. He will never, never be impeached for anything. Have you not noticed? He’s black

    • Cynthia Gage says:

      Actually, most blacks believe him not to be black enough. Being part white i’m sure is still a handicap. Oh yeah, i think the term in french is Mulatto. ( Mulatto is a term used to refer to a person who is born from one white parent and one black parent, or more broadly, a person of any “mixed” ancestry.) Historically this term is still pertinent to our society then and now. So how black is he?????? Only quoting the Dictionary (several) and history here, no offense is intended. Now that being said, why do i have to say that when i’m telling the truth here????? Why do we always apologize for telling the truth?????, Why does the media always sugar coat a term or a story that is truthful and historically accurate>??? OH I THINK IT IS CALLED POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ie: Communism, socialism. There you go, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was right, they took us over without firing a shot.
      WAKE UP, time to clean house.

  62. jess says:

    If those whom have the power to start these proceedings and don’t out of fear they won’t be followed through with, then you are just as guilty of treason against your country by default.
    Knowing that someone in office is and has committed treason, you are the only protection on the front lines that Americans have for defense, let go of that without a fight and you may as well walk away from your post and give the keys to the enemy.

    For once does anyone in our government have the guts to stand up and be proud or do you all have your hands out like the beggars on the corner or fill your pockets with the money of a corrupt administration?

  63. tom tom says:

    This man is a total FRAUD and CON-MAN. After TREASON in Benghazi he belongs in jail.

  64. Mickey the Smickey says:

    We ought to stormed the White House just like the French did it in the 1780’s. (That will teach Congress a lesson.)

    • Paul says:

      Yes we should all stop this madness march on washington and kick the bums out.we all should not vote and not file our taxes.just one time rhe truckers should just pull over the pilots should ground it. The teachers should stay home. We do have alot of power.and numbers.

  65. I don’t believe whats been said, all it is , is an excuse, not doing
    the job.

    • mary says:

      Excuse me. What is it that you don’t believe? That Obama should be impeached? That the senate should suffer recall? That Obama has taken this country for a everything he can get and then he is going after our children’s rights? Please explain as I am confused. If you are a supporter of Obama that is your right and privilege at this time but under Obama it may not be for long.

  66. CAS says:

    Congress is full of a bunch of wimps. VOTE THEM OUT>

  67. Muldoon says:

    Okay, it’s time to get off the pot everyone. Lets start being proactive. What is step one(1)? Lets put our heads together and formulate the tasks to accomplish the Goal of IMPEACHING / FIRING. / OUSTING this incompetent self-serving president.

    I really like what Bill Anders did and I am going to do the same here in Florida to our Senators. So, my first task is to formulate a letter to send to each of my state (FL) senators to see who is with us and who is against us.
    GOAL: IMPEACH BARRY (barrack Obama)
    1. Determine where my states senators stand
    A. Prepare a simple letter to each senator using Bill Anders example herein.
    B. Begin a recall on my state senators that do not have the intestinal fortitude and the moral aptitude to impeach Barry Soetoro aka: Barrack Hussein Obama (aunt illegal, mom illegal???-how could he be?)
    Realize this if he is allowed to serve his second term to retirement the American tax payers will be supporting him and his family for the rest of their lives – Now ain’t that the ultimate burnt stick in the eye!?

    • mary says:

      OK I am in. Going to do my best here in nevada . Try to get all my friends, neighbors etc to send letter that all involved agree o use. Writing is not my forte so if you would be so kind as to share I would make a effort to get printed and hand carry to as many v others as I can get to.

      • Cynthia Gage says:

        Mary,, it is critical that you all vote Harry Reid out of office and replace him with a strong Independent with the same vim and vigor that Ted Cruz has….he is quite a guy, and lookie already put out his birth certificate….he is more of a natural American than is John McCain……we have to get these yahoos out of there, they are stinking up OUR HOUSE. GOD bless you Mary, keep up the wonderful attitude towards everything we have to do.

    • charles becker says:

      Start the million man march on washington right now.if the blacks get in the way ,get them out of the way.enough is enough. Time to lock and load. Every bastard in office in washington needs to be removed.

  68. Fire says:

    9/11/13 Washington D.C. Muslims are planning million Muslim march. They will get what they want. White America sits back and gains nothing but pushed around because we do little to nothing, well maybe whine a little no big deal. The right lets the left pick their candidates, example; the left picked Romney and now they are high on Chris Christie. They know the Right will fall for their folly. Remember the 2012 RNC vs DNC when the DNC wanted the RNC to be taken by the Hurricane and washed out to sea? Remember how the DNC call the RNC liars yet the DNC openly lied and the RNC stood back and allowed it to happen. Remember how the left took down the National Debt Clock and the RNC sais nothing, it worked and it’s still works today. Don’t mention the National Debt and it’s like it’s not there… Like Magic.

  69. mary says:

    Info …. I did not know….. only 19 states allow recalls at the senate level but its a start. It is a recall election. My state is one of them. Whoopie

  70. MarkOwen says:

    Levin is on his way out anyway, he knows retirement will be good for him, what with all the graft he and his cronies have built up for all the years he sat on the main commitees, he’s just a sorry excuse for a human being! As for Stabenow, change her name to Stabintheback. That’s what she’s doing to all her constituents anyway.

  71. charles becker says:

    Start the million man march on washington right now.if the blacks get in the way ,get them out of the way.enough is enough. Time to lock and load. Every bastard in office in washington needs to be removed.

  72. Jerome from Layton says:

    So far, there have been two Presidential Impeachments. Both of them failed and the second one ended worse than the first one. This time around, we don’t even have a majority in the Senate; so it would be doomed to fail and damage the party brings it up. Good news! There is an alternative path: Cut off that “mother’s milk” known as money. Obamacare and the carbon emissions rules are two obvious targets and there are more. Will the media blame us for harming the Universe and those poor unicorns? Well, they already do, so what else is new.

  73. Mary says:

    I have talked to some friends here and we are going to look in the TAKE IT TO YOUR SENATOR . Going to flood them with request for something to be done in their ouw back yard. Something that will help the people that put them in office.

  74. jrnhkkdo says:

    I cannot believe that Rep Farenthold’s audience let him get away with the answer he gave. So what if the Senate would not convict him. However, one never knows what could come out of the House’s impeachment process…might change some minds in the Senate. Besides, if the House and the electorate believe there are valid articles of impeachment to be written – which I certainly do – then we should do what is right. We should scream bloody murder, we should distract Obama with an impeachment process leading up to the 2014 elections, push back for a change. If we do NOTHING we allow Obama to simply transform (read: destroy) this country, just as he said he would. We should go down fighting, or win fighting – BUT WE SHOULD BE FIGHTING!!!!!

    • Cynthia Gage says:

      People forget that Bill Clinton was impeached. Over something utterly stupid, instead of what he really should have been. Oh well, the “Days of our Lives” is still on TV and in the congress.

  75. Josef says:

    Its been almost 5 years of this man (obama) he basically created more turmoil than harmony in this country in his first term but behold we re-elected the man because noway we going to let a very experience business man who ran his company into successful ends because he’s Morman to be president… lets see obama’s credentials to be president……..NONE….only the sound, coming out his lips, convinced the dumb and the blind. Unfortunately, still dumb and blind we are. As a Kenyan would say, “Stupid Americans”.


  77. Allan Budzynski says:
  78. Frank Delano says:

    Charles you are right but we don’t have enough people in this country to get rid of these parasites in the Senate and congress . When
    we get the gumption to replace these thieves
    in the congress and senate & this crooked
    administration . We are doomed Simple as that .

    • Cynthia Gage says:

      Frank i like your answer because it is truthful. I can only fault those who didn’t like Romney because he is a Mormon, they bought the lines fed to them about his religion Hook-line-and sinker. So they all stayed home, and as a result we have a despicable excuse of a President who is a King-Potentate-an Emperor with no clothes…etc..etc..etc. God will take care of all of this in 2014 and 2016, we need to make sure that everyone that wants him gone does their part to make sure he is gone gone.

  79. Bruce wiley says:

    They won’t impeach him because there all partners in crime they rob the people every day in every way they can taking from hard working people and giving to the lazy welfare ticks . I’d like to take poll of who people think is the better liar jay carney or Obama holders not very good he’s kinda slow

  80. Bob Carey says:

    Congress is next. TERM LIMITS. TWO TERMS and you’re out.
    Next election clean house.

  81. First, Obama won’t be impeached because he is black. A great many people decided in 2008 that the US needed a black President, and thay is why they voted for him, and re-elected him last year.

    Second, The media is solidly behind Obama, and they will never desert him. They will protect him from any criticism, because they have invested unprecedent support for him.

    Third, The Bush family controls the Republican Party and they do not care what Obama does. They are concentrating their efforts on electing bush 3–JeeeBB–in 2016, and do not want the Republican Party to engage in controversy which will alienate potential support. Rank and file Republican officeholders are too cautious and stupid to raise the ire of either the Party’s Bush masters or the media.

    Obama’s supporters are fanatic. They will never admit any wrong by him, savage anyone who attacks him, and even after he leaves office and his “legacy” becomes apparent to all, they will defend Obama and their support for him.. Although, privately, a very large per cent of them–including the Media–will probably be glad they won’t “have” to vote for him again.

  82. klondykekat says:

    who cares what the house and senate want, aren’t we the people who put them there the ones who should have the say. there are more of us than them.

    • Bill Anders says:

      I agree with you KLONDYkEKAT, and personally I never care about Congress until I have seen our way of life changing for the bad instead of the good! Also the government taking our rights away after many people have die to keep those rights! I see more people standing on the streets with signs and sometimes I give them money and I see many businesses going out of business. Then the President Obama says he was to take all guns by searching our homes for them. I don’t even own a gun but I feel like buying one just to die for by American rights! I know he has all the Aces but I don’t care!

  83. Cynthia Gage says:

    I would like to introduce an argument that could actually succeed in having Obama impeached and convicted by the Senate: Part of the Bengazi event, is the sale of weapons to certain declared enemies of the United States: namely Al Qaeda, Hammas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The other thing that would also succeed is the wholesale disregard for his Oath of Office. This is Impeachable according to the Constitution: “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” He has not kept to the Oath of Office and in this particular case when he is also in bed with the enemy’s of the U.S.A.
    I’m sure that Chief Justice Roberts, would agree that his failures on so many fronts would constitute the needed requirements for Impeachment, his non birth certificate included. Just a Interglot: His father is Muslim, therefore Obama is Muslim (male children born of a Muslim Men automatically have that affiliation and can not revoke it). Some should study the culture a bit more thoroughly to understand that whole part of things. He is Muslim and that is why he is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in this current conflict against US interests and law.
    Just a little something to chew on :-)

    • Bill Anders says:

      Yes Gage good point the proof is in the pudding! I try to judge people as individuals. A person who buy bullets against his own people doesn’t sound like a good person and he’s acquiring a police force for his Obamacare supposely. I don’t care if he’s purple color doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m part American Indian and you know what happen to them! I believe what’s happening now and what going to happen in the future will be worse than the Twin Towers and when it gets down to it’s because we have flaws in government and people or person have used it to their advantage! I just hope we can overcome this!

  84. Neal W. Welsh says:

    Obama is an illegal alien since he was born in Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya when it was a British Protectorate. His mother smuggled him into the country (USA) when he was just a couple of days old and registered him illegally as being born in Hawaii. In those days one could just about register his goat if the fee was paid; that law has since been changed. I have a copy of his original birth certificate should anybody really care to see it. Just tell me where to send it. Since Obama does not fit the requirements of the US Constitution for citizenship, much less to being able to legitimately hold public office he is not subject to impeachment — he does not qualify! Impeaching him would grant him a false legitimacy! Even should he lose an impeachment proceeding all his works would stay in place. Can’t have that! So we charge him with espionage! Nor can he be cited as a traitor since one has to owe allegiance to the country he betrays. Again, charges of espionage, among a few others is appropriate. I was the first, years ago , to make this case. I’m glad to see it catching on. People like Rush Limbaugh and Mark levin should quit demeaning patriots as “birthers” and show some guts by calling for a trial for Obama for stealing the executive branch. These cowards are afraid that they will lose their broadcast licenses if they tell the truth and demand a trial for the illegal alien pooping in our White house! We should get George Soros too, since he is a major player in this debacle.

  85. Dora H says:

    Very well said Concerned. God helps those who help themselves. He helped those in war who honored Him and as long as we take action, pray and ask for guidance, God’s will, will be done. Wake up people. I notice that not everyone making comments on this site are aware of the way that Obama wormed his way into office and started re-arranging laws in order for his will to be done, and in the end he will prevail if we continue to allow him to destroy what once was a solid structure and a God fearing nation. Are you so blind that you can’t see that he is setting up Washington to be able to strip all citizens of our rights, one by one, until he is in full control. The next thing is … only criminals will have black market weaponry to use against we the citizen’s along with Obama’s military who will go door to door and rip our guns out of our hands and if we don’t do it peacefully, he’ll probably secure a concentration camp and call the Good Citizen’s …Traitors. Open up your eyes if you don’t think that this even has a chance of becoming reality. We have the right to comment now, but if the Government is spying, we may all be arrested for voicing our opinion like this. The laws he has been putting into place are taking away our constitutional rights and what he’s doing is unconstitutional. He should have been taken out of office and long time ago and now that he was stupidly re-elected, Washington has let him get away with so much that his evil has just gotten worse, and he’s uncontrollable. Are we as Americans going to allow things to get worse? Are we going to let him walk all over us and destroy what our forefathers built, and take away the freedom that most of us were born with? There’s a lot of smart people here, but Washington isn’t fighting the good fight…and WE THE PEOPLE need to take a stand before this dictator has taken away all the freedom we were born with.

  86. Dale Hogue says:

    Read this article and the posted comments. Then ponder the information. If you don’t understand what is going on, then you’re the one with the intellectual problem.

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