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The Book of Revelation Warned of Obamacare

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  1. Dale Dawson says:

    I should think you would have known that it is the Book of Revelation — not “REVELATIONS.”


  2. Christian Ryan says:

    Gentlemen, we need to stick together for the TRUTH…don’t make up a catchy headline based on some peoples feelings. The Book of Revelation does not say anything about Obamacare, and nowhere in this article do you even allude to what chapter and verse you allege that to be…this WILL turn people off concerning your site, especially Christians who study and know the God’s Word. Guy’s, please stick to the facts….they are bad enough.

  3. MARTA says:

    The Bible was written by men at different times, ages and ideas and wrote what they thought the voice in their mind thought said.
    We don’t need to hear voices from above to know history repeats if we let it. What happened in the build up to the crash of Wall Street, and by a few creating the depression, was deliberately done again in 2007. Also by some of the bankers with the same family names, and so we and the world are experiencing a repeat.
    The wealthy first wish to weed out the bankers and keep a few, then turn on our overpopulated world, eliminate most,…. keep a few for slavery.
    Like back in the day of Kings.
    Food For Thought!

  4. DustyFae says:

    Terrible ,misleading headline….

  5. Johnathan Swift says:

    What nonscense.

  6. mondo cane says:

    Your article is quite informative and thought provoking.

    But who came up with the asinine, sensationalized headline? Don’t ever do that again. You will lose all credibility with Christians and atheists both, because it’s so low.

    I’ve been in the advertising business for nearly 40 years, and I wouldn’t dream of using a lead-in, teaser or headline like this. My clients would fire me. And rightly so, because I’d have alienated most of their prospects and customers.

    Really dumb.

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